Veterans Division

1945 - 2011

The Sacred War - Священная война - Svyaschennaya voina 1941-1945

Nazi Germany Defeat - Nazi Army Flags
Red Square - 9th May - Victory Day

From Moscow, Russia,
this is a rousing patriotic work from a concert commemorating the Russian victory in WWII.
Directing the choir and orchestra in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory is Vladimir Fedoseyev

Red Square in Moscow is traditionally the place where thousands of troops, hundreds of units of military hardware, top-ranking officials and veterans gather to honor the Victory Day.

­This year's Moscow parade is the largest-scale in Russian modern history, with a march of about 20,000 troops.

Watch the complete video of the military parade on Red Square marking the 66th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany. (RT.COM)


9 May 2011 Victory Parade Moscow

War Veterans - Israel - Ветеранов войны - Израиль

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