Exhibition to the 120 anniversary of Boris Pasternak in the RCC in Tel Aviv

By the 120-th anniversary of Russia's famous poet, novelist and translator Boris Pasternak on Feb. 9 at the library Rossiyskogo Cultural Center in Tel Aviv launched the literary and art exhibition, which was the epigraph to the line from a poem by this poet - "And the day lasts longer than a century ... .
The main section of the exhibition are also editions of works by Boris Pasternak in different years: poetry, novels, translations of Shakespeare and Goethe, the Russian language, as well as home to the writer's life book - the novel "Doctor Zhivago".
The exhibition materials are widely represented on the life and work of the writer. The exhibit also includes a selection of poems, memoirs and letters of Anna Akhmatova, Marina Tsvetaeva, Osip Mandelstam, Ilya Ehrenburg, L. Chukovskaya and other prominent representatives of Russian and Soviet culture, with whom Pasternak tied his personal and creative relationship.
Of particular interest among Russian Israelis cause rare archival materials, including correspondence of the poet's father, an artist and illustrator Leonid Pasternak, a classic of Israeli literature H.-N. Bialik.
 The decoration of the exhibition are reproductions of portraits and illustrations Pasternak to the writings of Leo Tolstoy. Musically and a multimedia section exposition of the plate and audio books of poetry and prose of Boris Pasternak, notes and records of his favorite composers - Chopin and Scriabin. Visitors have the opportunity to take a virtual tour of house-museum of the poet in Peredelkino, listen to the songs on his poems.
The exhibition will continue its work until the end of February.



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