LeLeningrad blockade in RCC

1 February Rossiyskom cultural center in Tel Aviv, held memorial and artistic evening on 66-th anniversary of the complete lifting of the siege of Leningrad.
Of the different towns in Israel to participate in the ceremony came the members of the Union of the Leningrad blockade of Israel and the younger generation of Israelis - natives of St. Petersburg.
Opening the evening, director of the RCC Kryukov warmly congratulated former Leningrad blockade and the remarkable occasion and wished them good health and long life.
Took the floor leader of the Union blockade of Israel Sonia Bahrul. She congratulated the comrades on the holiday and said the most active members of the Union.
Congratulate passed through the 900-day siege came Counselor of the Embassy of Russia in Israel A. Yurkov, who wished to blockade of energy and strength to continue their activities, as well as students of the school at the Embassy of Russia, who had read the poem of the war years, and sang songs of war.
During the concert were made known to all songs M. Bernes, then blockade read his own poems. The concert program was attended by well-known actress Ludmilla and Mary Mushkatiny former Leningrad women, L. Mushkatina made a poetic composition of the years of war, and M. Mushkatina sang several songs dedicated to the city on the Neva.