Opening of the 65-year anniversary of the Great Victory in RCC

On January 21 Rossiyskom cultural center in Tel Aviv took evening art "dug the front" on the 65 th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War. The event, held jointly with the Union veterans of the Second World War - the fighters against Nazism, became the first in a series of memorial and information actions representation FA Rossotrudnichestvo and RCC in a 65-year anniversary of the Victory.
Opening the evening, director of the RCC, AA
Kryukov, on behalf of the Chief Rossotrudnichestvo FM Mukhametshina congratulated veterans and wished them good health and once again reminded that they - the most coveted and honored guests in Rossiyskom cultural center.
Minister-Counselor of the Embassy of Russia AL Yurkov, in his address highlighted the activities of Israeli veterans' associations to confront attempts to falsify the history, glossing over the principal and decisive role of the Soviet Union and its heroic Red Army in defeating Nazi Germany.
Floor was then given AM Grinzaydu and RD Yagelo - Chairmen of the two largest associations of veterans in Israel: the Union of World War II veterans - the fighters against Nazism and the Union soldiers and guerrillas - Disabled war with the Nazis. The memory of the fallen in the Great Patriotic War, all present observed a minute of silence.
On the evening showed rare archival newsreel images, songs and poems of the war years in the performance of veterans and professional musicians. Leading the evening the museum's director "Energy courage" (city of Hadera), DA Zel'venskii introduced the amazing stories of everyday life and wartime exploits of the Soviet soldiers, Jews, some of which were present in the hall.
Among the guests were members of the Embassy of Russia, the military attache in Russia and Ukraine, the representative of the Ministry of Defense of Israel, and correspondents of local media.