In Tel Aviv, began the New Year holidays

27 December Rossiyskom cultural center in Tel Aviv hosted a New Year holiday for children of employees of the Embassy of Russia.
More than 30 gay and excited young Russians in colorful costumes, gathered around the brightly-dressed and adorned multicolored lights Christmas tree.
Children greeted Snow Maiden and her assistants in carnival costumes. Under known to all melody "herringbone was born in the forest ..." children and parents joined them playing Christmas games, circle dances around the Christmas tree, read poetry and sang songs. During the break, a small presentation of the participants were invited to a sweet treat.
At the end of the holiday came the long-awaited guest - Santa Claus, who handed over all the children with gifts and a souvenir picture taken with each guest.
Thus, even in the warm summer-like Tel Aviv, young Russians have met one of the most beloved Motherland holidays - New Year's.