November 2009

Congratulate our friends on the holiday the Day of National Unity of Russia!

 "Russia's motivation Galleries« Fine Time »(Tel Aviv):

paintings, icons, decorative art.

Day of National Unity of Russia.

Literary and art exhibition.
 2-26 November
 Show series "The Rock. Song lifelong ... ".

(scenario A. Yining, music M. Dunaevsky, 12 series).

In Chap. Starring: Marat Basharov, Marina Aleksandrova, Bogdan Benyuk.
10, 17, 24 November

 Preserve the Russian language in the family "- a series of interviews with parents.

Meeting One: "How do we bring children to reading."
 November 2

Movie Club "Environment". Year of Gogol:

story of the creation and demonstration of the film "Taras Bulba" (dir. V. Bortko, 2009). Cast: B. Stupka, A. Rogovtseva, M. Boyarsky and others movie length -128 min.
 November 4

Wednesday, 18:00
Grand opening of gallery exhibitions «Fine Time». Live music.
 November 5

Thursday, 18:00
Concert winners of the International Competition compatriots

Russian Song - 2009 ". Participants include Sergei Ilyasafov, Pauline Pitarova, Michael Riskin, Radha Abramovich, Arkady Lapidus. Presentation of diplomas to the winners.
 November 12, Thursday, 18:00
Meeting with the Moscow journalist Radicom Amirov (RIA Novosti). Presentation of the book "Lekha, Tartars!" (Moscow, 2009). The musical part: implementation of national Tatar songs and melodies. With the participation of union-Israeli immigrants from Tatarstan.
 November 16

Monday, 18:00
Qualifying concert contest "Russian Song - 2010"

the International Festival of compatriots (Moscow).

Organizers: Worth, Embassy of Russia and the RCC.
 17 November

Tuesday, 18:00
By the 30-th anniversary of the first issue of the journal "22" - a creative evening of the editorial board and authors of the journal. Participants: Alexander and Nina Voronel, Anatoly Dobrovich, Nellie Gutin, Michael Yudson. The musical part: Ilya Kutuzov.
 November 19, Thursday, 18:00
Festival "bard read. With: bards Irina Mauler, Marina Melamed, Dmitry Kimel'fel'd, Michael Feldman, a trio Mendeleva - Gutkin, as well as poets Zinaida Palvanova, Michael Siper, Gregory Tresman.
 November 26, Thursday, 19:00
Courses studio

 Russian language courses - a group for children and adults.

Studio classical drawing and painting (for kids and adults).

School games on six-string guitar (for children and adults).

Theatrical studio "Silhouette".
Educational and methodical study of Russian language

subscription, a reading room, a stand of new revenue. Internet.

Monday (11.00-15.30), Wednesday (14.00-18.00)

Friday (10.00-13.30).

The program may change, please watch for announcements.

Because of the limited number of seats in the halls of RCC recommend visitors

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