Bard Festival in Tel Aviv

November 26 ,the Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv hosted the first gala concert of the literary and musical festival of art song and poetry "bard read".
Director of the RCC, Dr.Alexander Kryukov opened the evening and welcomed the performers and guests of the sponsors who introduced the idea of the festival, and leading concert - the famous writer, author, performer and artist Irina Mauler, as well as poet and bard Marina Melamed.
In the two parts of a large three-hour concert the guests could enjoy the lyrical and lively, serious and humorous songs by known bards, such as Dmitry Kimelfeld, Michael Feldman and the trio Alexander and Svetlana Mendelevium and Vita Gutkina.

Also, the performance became more heated with poets Zenaida Palvanovoy, Michael and Gregory Sipera Tresmana - winners of many international festivals and competitions.
At the beginning of the second part each poet and bard spoke with the verses or songs dedicated to Russia, in deference to the country and to the Russian cultural center, who always are welcoming immigrants from Russia and CIS countries - musicians, artists and writers.
Editor Internet portal Igor Ulogov spoke about his project and invited anyone interested in the author's song in Israel to visit him.

At the conclusion of the evening all the participants sang a song which became a cult Okudzhava "Hope the little orkestrik.

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