Presentation of the book "Lehaim, Tartars!" In Tel Aviv

16 November Rossiyskom cultural center in Tel Aviv, met with a correspondent of RIA Novosti Radicom Amirov, during which a presentation of his book "Lehaim, Tartars!".
Opening the evening, director of the RCC Alexander Kryukov presented to the audience the author of the book and briefly spoke about how a prominent and respected place is occupied by the Republic of Tatarstan and Tatar people in today's Russia. Then the species was shown a short film about the capital of Tatarstan - the old and young, beautiful Kazan, this year officially received the title of "the third capital of Russia.
Radik Amirov told about the origin of ideas and work on a book from the pages of a good friend of the Tatar and the Jewish people say Joseph Kobzon and famous gymnast Ioannina Batyrshina, Konstantin Raikin and Vladimir Spivakov, the Mufti of Belarus Abu Bekir Shabanovich and well-known journalist and translator Tancred Golenpolsky . Humanistic and national significance of the book R. Amirov precisely defined in the preface Russia's famous writer Alexander Kabakov: "This book will be of interest not only the Tatars and Jews - it is not only the coexistence of two nations in a great country, it is about the people of this country in general."
Then with a story about the Republic of Tatarstan and the fate of her descendants in Israel were made by Dr. Max Perelstein - Chairman of the association-Israeli immigrants from Tatarstan, director general of the Association, former member of the Knesset, Leonid Litinetckii, president of the Association of Life "Zakir Zaripova, musicologist, professor George Kantor .
This was followed by an impromptu concert in which the wife Julia R. Amirov Nasrtdinova Tartar sang songs and folk songs to the accompaniment of Gregory Kantor, and M. Perelstein pianist played the piano waltz of Chopin.
At the event attended by staff of the Embassies of Russia and Kazakhstan, journalists, and representatives of the Israeli public.