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October 17 this year, Gallery Center for Arab and Jewish cultures "Bet-gefen in Haifa Inauguration of exhibition of paintings by a talented Arab artists Zuhdi Qadri (born in 1972), 2002 graduate of Art and Industry Academy. Vera Mukhina (St. Petersburg). Name of the exposition "silent dialogue".
     It should be recalled that in January this year, a representative exhibition of works of realistic Z. Kadri - landscapes of southern Russia and the Galilee, sketches of St. Petersburg, as well as portraits of family and friends - has already taken place in Rossiyskom Cultural Center in Tel Aviv and has been received by the public .

     The current exhibition was a young artist from the work of other styles and genres directions - it is abstract paintings, reflecting on the author's intention, the problem of modern Israel - military confrontation with Palestinian militants in Gaza, troubled relations between Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel, the birth and death of man reaching close to today's dramatic situation in the Middle East ...
     Vernissage Art opened the Center's curator of exhibitions "Bet-gefen" well-known artist and art historian Abed Abdi, laureate of the Ministry of Culture of Israel in 2008 He said an original talent and diverse academic training Z. Kadri, received for his years of study in Russia.
     Speaking later, the representative of the FA Rossotrudnichestvo AA Kryukov welcomed Z. Kadri, members of his family and friends, graduates of Russian universities, as well as all the fans who came to the opening day of painting. Director of the RCC told the audience about the success of the works of young artists in Tel Aviv and Haifa, invited artists to participate in the great exhibition "Russian Winter in Israel" (RFPs in December this year), preparations for which have already begun.
     Then the artist and the audience connoisseurs of his work was greeted by Deputy. Mayor of Haifa Fathi Hourani and secretary of the Association of Graduates of Soviet and Russian universities, Dr Anwar Zhammal, who noted that the culture, literature, arts - those spheres of human activities that contribute to mutual understanding and rapprochement between peoples, in particular, Arab and Jewish.
     Musical part of the event was an address by folk singer Taghrid Absaui, popular leading Arab Radio Haifa.
Exhibition Zuhdi Kadri in Haifa last until November 11 this year

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