Premier showing of film “May waltz” in the Russian cultural center in Tel Aviv One of the first events, which open the turn of in a cultured way- information and memorial measures in the Russian cultural center, dedicated with that being approaching 64- y to the anniversary of the great victory of the peoples above the fascism, became taken place on March 31 the premier showing of new historico-documentary film “May waltz”. Opening encounter, the director OF [RKTS] [A].[A]. of hooks congratulated the gathering veterans with the being approached holiday of victory and wished to them health and forces. [A].[A]. of hooks also expressed deep satisfaction and pride by the warm comradely relations, which were formed in the representation Of [rossotrudnichestva] in Israel with the union of soldier- invalids - fighters against Nazism. The President of union brigadier general Roman [Yagel], who heads organization since 2007 also spoke about this. The deserved soldier, the front line soldier, with whom it was brought to serve in the armies of three countries - Soviet Union, Poland and Israel, the cavalier of numerous rewards, General [Yagel] use the great authority in comrades in the union and it is well known to the members of the unions of veterans in Israel, to Poland and Russia. Before beginning the demonstration of film appeared even one of its authors - director Yevsey [Trostanetskiy], known in Israel the documentary film editor, who created together with Boris [Zilberman] even two those preceding of the film of trilogy about the Jews - participants in the war with the Nazism - “singed by war” (2005) and “conquerors” (2007). Film “May waltz” tells about the front fates and today's bottom of members of one of two most important in Israel associations of veterans - union of soldiers and partisans - disabled war veterans with the Nazism. Union was created practically simultaneously with the formation the State of Israel, and in 1954. The Knesset accepted law about the disabled war veterans with the Nazism, which determined rights and privileges of front line soldiers, who lost health or who seriously suffered in the course of the Second World War. Today Israeli union of disabled war veterans - well organized and energetically active public association, which conducts extensive and many-sided historico-documentary and in a cultured way- enlightenment work. At the end of film General [Yagel] and press- secretary of the union of soldier- invalids [Moshe] Of [shpitsburg] answered questions of audience about the activity of union and expressed appreciation to management [RKTS] for the organization of evening and demonstration of film “spring waltz”.