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Obshestvo - IRAS - Israel
International Russian Literature & Art Society in Israel


Shalom - Welcome ! You have reached  IRAS-Israel  the Israeli-Russian Branch of

Obshestvo IRAS - Moscow
International Russian Literature & Art Society
Russia,Ukraine,CI States and Abroad

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Our e-mail : israel@obshestvo-iras.org

Sincerely - Irene Yavchunovsky - IRAS Country Director Israel & Ukraine

New IRAS Appointment

Galina Podolsky - IRAS Director Literature Division

Moscow, Kremlin, April 8, 2009 19:30 News

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev congratulated Russia's Jewish community on the Passover holiday.

In his message of congratulations, the President said, in particular:

This joyous and uplifting holiday celebrates one of the most important events in biblical history the Exodus, the release from centuries-long slavery. During these days, you turn to the spiritual and moral sources and values of the Jewish peoples rich cultural heritage. With their origins in far-off times, they remain as universal as ever in their significance.

The traditions of Judaism, like those of the other world religions, help bring people together, and promote understanding, trust, support and peaceful cooperation. Russias Jewish community is doing much today to help our country develop and to build a society of tolerance and respect for people of different faiths and ethnicity.

IRAS Israel warmly welcomes and congratulates : GESHER THEATRE Director General- Lena Kreindlin - Artistic Director- Yevgeny Arye - Public Relations- Michal Sabel - Director General deputy - Roman Kvetner and its many talented artists and technical/administrative team for oustanding achievment in Israel, Russia and other international locations !
And is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation

IRAS Israel warmly welcomes :
Writer and President of the Israeli P.E.N. Centre - Ephraim Bauch and 1st Secretary Leonid Finkel
And is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation

New Guests / Members:

Tanya A. Karavan, Artist,Photograher,Art Designer
Lora Verhovsky - Artist & Art DEsigner (LoraStudio.com)- Boris Kotlyar - Press Secretary & Vice Chairman of the Israeli Professional Artists Association - Jerusalem, Elie Lavie - Director of Culture & Museums , City of Ramat Gan, Film Directors Boris Zilberman & Evsey Trostanetski - www.cinema11.narod.ru - documentary film studio, Journalist Maya Kaganaskaya, Singers Larissa Gerstein and Vladimir Friedman and mime Genadi Babizki

Painters :

Adigezalov, Yuriy I.,Antashyan, Gagik E.,Balayan, Albert A.,Bernatskiy, Nikolay S.,Fedotov, Viktor V. ,Grigoryan, Yuriy S.,Ivanova, Marina A.,Karetin, Igor P.,Konstantinov, Yuriy ,Krunov, Mikhail A. - Krutov, Nikolay P. - Nechitaylo, Dmitriy V. - Nechitaylo, Kseniya V. -Papikyyan, Robert T. -Platonova, Anna N. -Popkov, Yuriy N. -Rudakov, Mikhail Z. -Rudakova, Olga M. - Rusenko, Eduard V. - Rusenko, Yulia V. - Sakhatov, Valeriy T. - Sergeeva, Nina A. - Simonov, Vladimir G. - Simonov, Vadim G. - Sogomonyan, Kerop - Sokolov, Vadim P. - Stepanenko, Svetlana P. - Suvorova, Maria E. - Usachev, Fedor E. - Vakhtangov, Evgeniy S. - Zinchenko, Natalia V.

Graphic Artists:
Lebedev, Rostislav E.

Valentina Kuznetsova - Marina Ostrovskaya - Igor Ponomarev - Vitaliy Shanov - Daria Uspenskaya - Dmitriy Uspenskiy

   IRAS - Israel North

Haifa & Northern Israel
Tiberias Representative: Lubov Znakovsky

Country Director - Israel & Ukraine


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    Southern Branch - Beersheva


    Irena Pundik

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    Art Events Organizers

    Obshestvo IRAS -RCC Tel Aviv Liaison
    POB 26065 - Tel Aviv 61260 - Israel
    Tel +972-54-4605497

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    Russian Center for International Scientific and Cultural Cooperation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

    Tel Aviv - Israel

    38, Geula St. 63304 Tel Aviv

    Phone:03-5166242 - Fax : 03-5165961


    Russian Schools in Israel

    Mofet & Shiton Schools (5-12 years - elementary)
    Irene Yavchunovsky during class
    Mofet Nathaniya

    IRAS - Russian Schools

    Liaison Office - Haifa - Israel
    Important Articles concerning Russian Immigration - written by :
    Dr.Alek D. Epstein and Nina G. Kheimets, Department of Sociology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
    Department of Sociology and Political Science, Open University of Israel.
    Address for correspondence: POB 27123 Jerusalem 91271 Israel.
    Tel/fax. (home) 972-2-5834887; (office) 972-3-6460637; - e-mail: alekdep@pob.huji.ac.il.

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