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PMOH-Obshestvo - IRAS       Israel

Intl Russian Literature & Art Society Representation in Israel

общество ирас - Москва

"для России, искусства и мира"

Здравствуйте - مرحبا - שלום

Shalom - Welcome !

Поздравляем наших друзей с Днём Победы и Днём независимости Израиля!

All our Friends, Happy Victory Day - Russia and Happy Independance Day - Israel !

You have reached the  IRAS Representation Office in Israel  serving the local Russian Compatriots Artists & War Veterans Community in Israel, where approx 1.1 million Russian Compatriots are residing.
The Representation in Israel also maintains close ties to the Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv and acts as liaison office on a voluntary basis.

A total of approx 5.6 million Russian Compatriots are residing worldwide, with the majority of 3.1 million in the USA & Canada, 1.1 million in Israel and another 1.4 million throughout Europe,Asia and Latin America.

The Representation in Israel is part of the PMOH-Obshestvo IRAS - International Division with its headoffice in the Russian capital Moscow.

Its Russian Bureau deals with cultural and artistic affairs of the 15 member states/republics of the former Soviet Union,the majority of which form the CIS with the exception of the Baltic States and Georgia.
Approx 17.2 million Russian Compatriots reside outside the Russian Federation in the neighboring CIS - FSU countries.

Please follow this link in order to reach the IRAS 1 Headoffice Navigator
This includes the IRAS Headoffice, Main-Site, Liaison Offices and Joint Venture Projects.

Our e-mail :

Sincerely - Irene Yavchunovsky - IRAS Country Director Israel & Ukraine

PMOH-Oбщество ИРАС - за границей
PMOH-Obshestvo IRAS Abroad - International Division - Moscow

новости искусства на русском:

Obshestvo IRAS Israel warmly welcomes and congratulates :

Visual Artists Tatiana BelokonenkoLiza ZabarskyKlavdiya GarmashSara Bogen-BarnettSvetlana Lukash,

Shirelle Dashevsky - Coloratura Soprano - newest IRAS Israel Artists,


GESHER THEATRE Director General- Lena Kreindlin - Artistic Director- Yevgeny Arye - Public Relations- Michal Sabel - Director General deputy - Roman Kvetner and its many talented artists and technical/administrative team for oustanding achievment in Israel, Russia and other international locations !
And is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation

   IRAS - Israel North

Haifa & Northern Israel

Country Director - Israel & Ukraine
Tiberias Representative: Lubov Znakovsky

   IRAS - Central - Jerusalem

GOV / NGO - Public Relations Liaison



   IRAS - Israel South

Southern Branch - Beersheva


Irena Pundik

Israeli-Russian Theatre - "GESHER" (Bridge) - Yafo

Rita Steinfer - Raymonda Sheinfeld - Irena Pundik

Art Events Organizers

Israeli-Russian Art Scene - Israel

Всеизраильское Объединение Российских Землячеств (ВОРЗ)

Israeli-Russian Internet Portals & Sites



Obshestvo IRAS -RCC Tel Aviv Liaison

Tel +972-54-4605497

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  • Russian Cultural Center
    Representation of the Russian Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo in Israel

    Tel Aviv - Israel

    38, Geula St. 63304 Tel Aviv
    Phone:03-5166242 - Fax : 03-5165961

    Russian Schools in Israel

    Mofet & Shiton Schools (5-12 years - elementary)
    Irene Yavchunovsky during class
    Mofet Nathaniya

    IRAS - Russian Schools

    Liaison Office - Haifa - Israel
    Important Articles concerning Russian Immigration - written by :
    Dr.Alek D. Epstein and Nina G. Kheimets, Department of Sociology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
    Department of Sociology and Political Science, Open University of Israel.
    Address for correspondence: POB 27123 Jerusalem 91271 Israel.
    Tel/fax. (home) 972-2-5834887; (office) 972-3-6460637; - e-mail:

    Links:Immigrant Teachers efforts to rescue the education of immigrant children in Israel

    Odessa - Ramat Gan

    Renowned Opera Soprano Tatiana Odinokova

    Concerts - Master Classes

    Crimea - Ukraine
    Nataniya - Israel
    Feb 7 & 9 th 2008

    Exhibition - Emanuil-Grabovetsky

    * In Memoriam *


    Российская Mеждунaродная Oрганизация Hаследия


    PMOH (RMON)-RHIO Russian Heritage International Org.

    Moscow - Berlin - Jerusalem


    Центр Святой Земли Иерусалим
    Jerusalem Holy Land Center

  •  Moscow International Book Fair - 3-7 September 2008

  • ERA IZDAT & Selena Studio - A Great Success at the Fair

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