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PMOH-PУCHAC - Общество ИРАС - Москва - Представительство в Израиле

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You have reached the Tel Aviv Office of the PMOH-RUSNAS Liaison Representation for Russian Institutions and the Russian Federal Agency for CIS Affairs Compatriots living Abroad & Intl Humanitarian Cooperation ( Rossotrudnichestvo ) in Israel, with its main office at the JHLC Jerusalem Holy Land Center - Russian Compound - Jerusalem.
PMOH - IRAS (International Russian Admin. Support) provides administrative support to various Russian Institutions and Organizations.

Obshestvo IRAS - Israel serves the local Russian - CIS Compatriots, Artists & War Veterans Community in Israel, where approx 1.1 million Russian - CIS Compatriots are residing.

Our mission is the enhancement of the Russian Presence here in the Holy Land and abroad - to raise awareness of Russian Cultural activities amongst the local population and to positively correct and influence Russia's Public Image in view of old clichees and anti-Russian sentiment, to assist the Russian Compatriot communities, with emphasis regarding the youth and veterans, to uphold Russian traditions and familiarize outsiders with our customs and traditions, with an emphasis on hospitality and to recruit new volunteers to our cause.

A total of approx 5.6 million Russian Compatriots are residing worldwide, with the majority of 3.1 million in the USA & Canada, 1.1 million in Israel and another 1.4 million throughout Europe,Asia and Latin America.

The Representation in Israel is part of the PMOH - IRAS - International Division with its headoffice in the Russian capital Moscow.

Its Russian Bureau (Moscow) deals with cultural and artistic affairs of the 15 member states/republics of the former Soviet Union,the majority of which form the CIS with the exception of the Baltic States and Georgia.
Approx 25 million Russian Compatriots reside outside the Russian Federation in the neighboring CIS - FSU countries.

Our e-mail :

Gennady Pahl-Vishnevsky - Head of the PMOH - RUSNAS Liaison Team in Israel & Chief Coordinator - Intl Relations
Irene Yavchunovsky - IRAS Country Director Israel


Gennady Pahl-Vishnevsky - PMOH-RUSNAS.ORG
Chief Coord. International Relations
Welcome Lunch with Klarissa and Guests from Russia

Klara Kuperman-Gardon
Director International Division

Galina Podolsky
PMOH-IRAS Director Literature Div.

Irina Mauler
PMOH-IRAS Director Public Relations

 Эвелина Ракитская - EVELINA RAKITSKAIA
Country Director Russia - CIS - FSU

Media Coordinator & Moscow Bureau Chief

  Елена Орлова - ELENA ORLOVA
Editor in Chief & Media Director - International Division

Tel Aviv - Saint Petersburg

In-Charge of IRAS Intl Media & Publications


Our Israeli - Russian Team

Haifa & Northern Israel

Irene Yavchunovsky
Country Director - Israel

Tiberias Representative
Lubov Znakovsky
Central Israel & Jerusalem

Rina Levinzon
GOV / NGO - Liaison
Southern Branch - Beersheva


Irena Pundik

PMOH - JHLC - Russian Holy Land Center - Jerusalem
Центр Святой Земли Иерусалим
المركز الروسي في الأراضي المقدسة - القدس -  המרכז הרוסי בארץ הקודש - ירושלים

Russian Presence in the Holy Land

Всеизраильское Объединение Российских Землячеств (ВОРЗ)
VORZ - Russian Compatriots Coord. Council & Umbrella Org of Compatriots Associations in Israel - Jewish Women Archives - Russian Immigrants in Israel

Israeli-Russian Internet Portals & Sites



Representation of the Russian Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo in Israel
Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad
and International Humanitarian Cooperation.

Dear visitors !

Welcome to the website of the Russian Cultural Center (RCC).

The RCC opened in Tel Aviv on October 10, 2007 , and is one of 85 foreign representations of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation.

The main tasks of the RCC is to promote Russian culture and the arts, support the study and teaching of the Russian language, to relay prompt and objective information to the Israelis about the most important events of the external and internal policy of Russia, promoting the implementation of the joint Russian-Israeli programs in the humanitarian, cultural, scientific, technical and educational fields.

We are proud of the huge contribution of the Jews in World War I and the Russian culture, seeking to preserve and enhance it.
In this regard, we welcome the cooperation of creative teams who came from the USSR, the CIS, as well as all the musicians, singers, writers and artists and who started new careers in Israel.

The RCC team is doing its best to present an interesting program in a relaxed atmosphere to our valued visitors.

We will be happy to hear your suggestions.

Welcome !

RKC-RCC web-site:
Dear visitors!
Please meet the Director of the Russian Cultural Center

Якимчук Наталья Юрьевна

Ms. Natalia Yakimchuk.

  please click here  for a brief biographical summary.

Sincerely, RCC Administration

Российский культурный центр в Тель-Авиве

Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv

38, Geula St. -Tel Aviv, Israel 63304
Tel.: +972 (0)3 5166242 - Fax : +972 (0)3 5165961

E-mail: - web-site:

Head of the Rossotrudnichestvo in Israel and the Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv :

Ms Natalia Yakimchuk

Admin: Secretary : Eleonora - Ext. 101

PMOH - RUSNAS.ORG - SUHIS CCCP - USSR - Soviet Union Historical Society - Israel Rep.
PMOH - PYCHAC - СУХИС - CCCP - Советское Историческое Общество - Представительство в Израиле

PMOH-SUHIS - CCCP - USSR - Soviet Union Historical Society
1941-1945 War Veterans - Israel - РКЦ - RCC Tel Aviv Liaison Office
PMOH- СУХИС - CCCP - Советское Историческое Общество Отдел ветеранов войны 1941-1945

Red Army Historical Society in Israel

During a meeting on July 11,2011 at the Veterans Hall in Ashdod, Founder and leader of the Red Army Historical (re-enacting) Society, Nathan Greenberg told about the history of the Society, its members in Israel and abroad (Ukraine, Poland), as well as recent and planned joint memorial and educational activities with the Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv.

Intl Council of Russian Compatriots and Intl NGO's (137 org in 52 countries)

Russkiy Mir Center Raanana,Israel

Russian Compatriots Coordinating Council in Israel - VORZ

Association "Moscow" (Israel)


איראפ - קידום אמנות ישראלית - רוסית

Obshestvo IRAS Israel warmly welcomes and congratulates Liubov Glebova

Russian Foreign Minister announces the new appointment

Sergei Lavrov - 23-3-2015


newly appointed Head of the Rossotrudnichestvo

Liubov Glebova

IBDF הקרן לקידום ריקודים סלוניים בישראל
Israeli Ballroom Dancing Fund

Grazia Dance Sport Academy - IDSA World Championships
Organizers : Galina Shustin - Tel: +972-54-5865181 - email:
Ivan Moiseev: Tel: +972-54-3286586 - email:

AIDA - Amateur Israel Dancesport Association
Member Clubs: 22 (North: 9 - Center: 7 - South: 6)

President : Evgenie Vaiman - Beersheva - Tel. +972-8-6430939, Mobile: +972-52-7409074 * email:

    Dance Sport Academy

  • Israeli Dancesport Association - התאחדות ישראלית לספורט הריקוד
    President - Boris Odikadze : Mobile: +972-54-6602554 * Phone/Fax: +972-8-8644374

      Ashdod Open Championships

    Member Clubs: 30
    Ashdod -"Tsisaphers"
    Mgr: Ruzanna Odikadze
    Bat Yam - "Prime Step"
    Mgr : Boris Zaltsman
    Bat Yam - "Fiesta"
    Mgr : Robert Magen
    Gan Yavne
    "Ten Dance"
    Mgr : Anatoly Shenkel
    "Hi Dance"
    Mgr : Neta-Li Frenkel
    Hadera - "Tsisaphers"
    Mgr : Boris Odikadze
    Hadera - "Olympia"
    Mgr : Ester Shor
    Hadera - "Primavera"
    Mgr : Evgenia Sapri
    Haifa - "Rondo"
    Mgr : Igor Mass
    Haifa - "Viva"
    Mgr : Andrey Kizoob
    Herzliya - "Dance Room" Mgr : Anna Aronov
    Hod HaSharon - "Paradise"
    Mgr : Albert Benedetsky
    Holon - "Top Dance"
    Mgr : Alexey Zhdanovsky
    Jerusalem - "Style Dance"
    Mgr : Luba Zolotovitzky
    Jerusalem - "Dance Express"
    Mgr : Irina Zhabotinsky
    Karmiel - "Rdance"
    Mgr : Anat Rozen
    Karmiel - "MoonDance"
    Mgr : Yaniv Kakun
    Kfar Saba - "Tzivey HaKeshet"
    Mgr : Boris Odikadze
    Kfar Saba - "Let's Dance"
    Mgr : Alona Diskin
    Kiryat Gat - "Gloria"
    Mgr : Rafael Sachakov
    Kiryat Shmona - "Magic Dance"
    Mgr : Oleg Leybel
    Kiryat Yam - "Casa Dance"
    Mgr : Ariel Grabois
    Naharia - "Oscar"
    Mgr : Faina Roizman
    Nesher - "Impressia"
    Mgr : Nikita Suhorukov
    Netanya - "OLSI Dance"
    Mgr : Slavik Adjidersky
    Or Akiva - "BAL"
    Mgr : Anzhelika Bucharov
    Rishon LeZion - "Dance Line"
    Mgr : Alexander Tinkelman
    Rishon Le Zion - "Elwin Club"
    Mgr : Diana Rampel
    Tel Aviv - Yafo - "Ole Dance"
    Mgr : Lena
    Zikhron Yaakov -"Dadi-Dance"
    Mgr : David Hirschhorn

    Renowned Pianist Irina Zheleznova

    studied with A. Nasedkin and T. Alikhanovin at the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory Academy, Moscow, earning a Ph.D. in chamber music.
    She was associate professor and a head of the chamber music department at the Uzbek State Conservatory.

    Irina has performed in Russia, Europe, Japan and North America and is a winner of piano-duo competitions worldwide. Immigrating to Israel in 2008, she teaches at the Israel Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv, and returns to the Keshet Eilon faculty this summer.

    Leonid Padrul

    Famous Israeli Art Photographer, winner of international competitions, the acclaimed master of landscape photography.

    Professional and amateur photographers masterclasses

    Yuliana Gorkorov

    G r a p h i c   D e s i g n e r

    G r a p h i c   d e s i g n | P h o t o g r a p h y | I l l u s t r a t io n

    From Genesis to Apocalypse

    P h o t o g r a p h y    a n d    F o n t    E x h i b i t i o n

    Poets - Writers - Composers

    Yuri Moor
    Writer & Chairman of
    the Israeli Union of Russian writers

    Efraim Bauch
    Writer & Ex- Chairman of
    the Israeli Union of Russian writers

    Leonid Finkel
    Novelist, Literary Historian & Executive Secretary of the Union of Russian Writers

    PMOH - Obshestvo IRAS Art Director Israel - Russia - CIS

    Haim Fima Shkolnik

    Russia - Israel

    Concert in honour of the composer's 50th work anniversary - Moscow

    Composer Hirsch Zilber immigrated from the former Soviet Union, Latvia (now independent) and lives with his wife and family in Katzrin, Golan Heights - Northern Israel. Hirsch is the Konzertmeister at the Katzrin Conservatory, " Lehaim ". He gives regular concerts at the Latvian Radio and is very popular.

    zivu v izraile.gorode kacrine.javlajus sovetnikom mera po kulture,kompozitorom izrailsskogo i latvijsskogo radio,koncertmeisterom konservatorii kacrina,hora"lehaim",kompozitorom studii zapisi"strecords.zatj bivschego glavnogo inzenera inacalnika schtaba kosmodroma baikonur,otcom-7detej.u menja zolotaja zena -svetalana,kotoruju ja ljublu.

    Composer - Konzertmeister Hirsch Zilber and his wife Svetlana


    IRAS- RCC article - Nov.2012
    5 Nov.- Ashdod - Matnas "Tet" : Finale and award ceremony of the VII International Competition of Russian writers abroad.
    The creative competition in prose and poetry, bearing the names of A. Feinberg and M. Dobin respectively, was held annually by the Ashdod Municipality and the magazine "Russian Literary Echo", were the works of Russian writers from Germany, Israel, Russia and Ukraine are published. The skilled contestants were judged by a professional jury headed by a graduate of the Gorky Literary Institute, the executive secretary of the Union of Russian Writers ,Israeli novelist and literary historian Leonid Finkel (Ashkelon).    read more >>>

    Rina Levinzon
    Poetess - Writer

    Nina Voronel
    Writer - Playwriter

    Irene Yachunovsky
    Poetess - Writer - Translator

    Bella Vernikova
    Poet - Writer

    Yefim Gammer
    Poet - Writer - Journalist

    Victor Gin - Composer - Poet - Play Writer

    Idan David - Poet - Writer - Jerusalem

    Yuri Ostrovsky - Poet - Writer - Composer

    Eduard Maximov
    Poet - Writer

    Eli Beider
    Jiddish Poet - Writer

    Visual Artists - Painters -Sculptors

    Romaya graduated from the Art Institute, Baku, Azerbaijan.From 1991 she lives and works in Israel

    Romaya's art exhibitions were held in USA, Canada, Israel and Azerbaijan and her works can be found in many private collections in USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. Romaya is a winner of 123SOHO 2005 AWARD.
    Romaya's paintings are the realism of she's mystic inner world. Romaya's portraits of women explore modern concepts of beauty and representation.

    Rivka Margolin is a multi-diciplanry artist. She paints, draws, sculpst, turns and carves wood and also creates stained glass windows and lamps.
    Her art work is also on Facebook.

    Rivka Margolin - Bei Gavriel Exhibition Opening

    In March 2011 she exhibited also at the Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv


    facebook - email

    Israel Professional
    Artists Association





    Mazin Datloof







    Performing Arts - Vocal Artists - Actors - Musicians

    The Israeli Opera - Tel Aviv - Yafo

    Anna Skibinsky

    Ala Vasilevitsky

    Lyric Soprano

    Susana Poretsky

    Vladimir Braun

    Olga Romanko

    Mezzo-Soprano Alexandra Chebat

    Anastasia Klevan

    Andrei Trifonov

    Bass Askar Abdrazakov

    Moshe Has

    Mezzo Soprano
    Ilona Toivis

    Vladimir Okonovenko

    Viktoria Safronova

    Mezzo Soprano
    Svetlana Sandler

    Boris Yerofeiev

    Yevgeny Nezhynetz

    Julia Pevzner

    Director & Designer
    Kirill Serebrennikov

    Ruth Dar

    Dmitri Bertman

    Keri Lynn Wilson

    Actor Dancer Mime
    Krzysztof Balinski

    Dancer Mime
    Tomasz Nerkowski

    Galina Malinsky

    Svetlana Babajanova

    Soprano Spinto
    Tatinia Odinokova

    The 3 Tenors
    Yevgeni Shapovalov internationally acclaimed
    Felix Livshitz soloist with the Israel Opera
    Vladislav Goray soloist with the Israel Opera and the Ukraine National Opera

    The New Israeli Opera

    Artists Bios

    Violinist and Composer
    Alexander Povolotsky
    Israel Philharmonic Orchestra - Virtosi of Tel Aviv

    Welcome and congratulations !

  • Elisete Retter - A very talented songwriter, performer Brazilian-Israeli-Singer - performs also in Russian
  • Shirelle Dashevsky - Coloratura Soprano, Opera singer with a flying, sparkling, light timbred voice
  • GESHER THEATRE Director General- Lena Kreindlin * Artistic Director Yevgeny Arye


    Gesher - Public Relations- Michal Sabel - Director General deputy - Roman Kvetner and its many talented artists and technical/administrative team for oustanding achievment in Israel, Russia and other international locations !

    We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation

  • Russkiy_Mir_Center_Ranaana_Israel Russkiy Mir Center - Raanana - Israel
    The Dorothy de Rothschild Open University Campus, 108 Ravutski St.
    PO Box 808, Raanana 43107 - Tel.(+972-9) 778 17 67 - Fax:(+972-9) 778 06 61 - e-mail:
    Israeli-Russian Schools in Israel

    Academic year 2014-2015
    AGAIN ! FREE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE COURSES for young children and teenagers aged 7 to 14 years from Russian-speaking families.

    РКЦ - Russian Cultural Center - Tel Aviv - September 2014

  • Russian School (Diplomats community) - Tel Aviv

  • Mofet & Shiton Schools   (5-12 years - elementary)

  • "Rakefet" Russian secondary day school - Ramat Gan

  • Irene Yavchunovsky
    Mofet Nathaniya

    21-01-2011 Rakafet school Ramat Gan

    Important Articles concerning Russian Immigration - written by :

    Dr.Alek D. Epstein and Nina G. Kheimets, Department of Sociology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
    Department of Sociology and Political Science, Open University of Israel.
    Address for correspondence: POB 27123 Jerusalem 91271 Israel.
    Tel/fax. (home) 972-2-5834887; (office) 972-3-6460637; - e-mail:

    Immigrant Teachers efforts to rescue the education of immigrant children in Israel

    Headoffice: Rossotrudnichestvo - Moscow
    Russian Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, compatriots living abroad and on international humanitarian cooperation
    18/9 Vozdvizhenka, 125009 Moscow - Russian Federation, Phone:+7 (495) 690-12-45

    MSRS (ICRC) - International Council for Russian Compatriots - Moscow
    Novy Arbat 15, 2219 - Moscow, Russian Federation , 119019
    Phone / Fax: +7 (495) 695-30-21, 695-31-70 - Phone: +7 (495) 690-51-00 - email:


    And we will preserve you, Russian speech,The great Russian word.We will keep you free and pure,and pass you on to our grandchildren,Free from bondage forever! - Anna Akhmatova


    Russia in Global Affairs

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
    Embassy of the Russian Federation in the State of Israel - Tel Aviv

    Union - State - Russian Federation - Belarus
    Embassy of the Repulic of Belarus in the State of Israel - Tel Aviv

    Rossotrudnichestvo - Headoffice Moscow
    Russian Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, compatriots living abroad
    and international humanitarian cooperation

    18/9 Vozdvizhenka, 125009 Moscow - Russian Federation, Phone:+7 (495) 690-12-45
    Rossotrudnichestvo - Minsk
    Republic of Belarus

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    Odessa - Ramat Gan

    Renowned Opera Soprano Tatiana Odinokova

    Concerts - Master Classes


    Российская Mеждунaродная Oрганизация Hаследия


    PMOH (RMON)-RHIO Russian Heritage International Org.

    Moscow - Saint Petersburg -Berlin - Jerusalem


    Центр Святой Земли Иерусалим
    Jerusalem Holy Land Center

    PMOH - Oбщество-ирас

    Literature Division
    Moscow - Russia
    E.RA Publishing
    Literary Salon - No.232
    Kubansky St, 16/2, Moscow - Phone: 8-962-904-46-18

    Galina Podolsky
    Director Literature Div.

    A great Partnership

    ERA Publishing

    Moscow 2013
    Intl Book Fair

    Moscow 2013
    Intl Book Fair

    Семь искусств  Семь искусств Семь искусств Семь искусств Семь искусств Семь искусств  Семь искусств Семь искусств



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