The Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) was created in September 2008 in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 1315 of September 6, 2008.

On March 23, 2015, Liubov Nikolaevna Glebova was appointed Director of the Federal Agency (Presidential Decree No. 148 of March 23, 2015).

In the period between 2012 and 2014, Konstantin Iosifovich Kosachev was in charge of the Agency

In the period between 2008 and 2012,Farit Mubarakshevich Mukhametshin was in charge of the Agency.

The Agency’s activities are under the purview of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and are governed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal constitutional laws, federal laws, statutory acts of the President and Government of the Russian Federation, international agreements, and the statutory acts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Today, Rossotrudnichestvo is represented in 79 countries, 69 Russian centers of science and culture, 8 branches in 61 countries and 23 federal representatives in the Russian Federation’s diplomatic missions in 21 countries. Rossotrudnichestvo’s geographic span extends from the United States to Japan and from Finland to Argentina.

In the nearest future, along with opening new missions and cultural centers, Rossotrudnichestvo plans to make more active use of the so-called “regional principle”, in which a large cultural center extends its activities not only to the country in which it is located, but to neighboring countries in which there are no Russian cultural centers. In other parts of the world the Agency’s activities will also be of a network nature.

The member nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States are a priority for Rossotrudnichestvo. Within the past two years, new missions have been opened in Moldavia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. A road map for opening Russian Centers of Science and Culture up to 2020 has been developed.

The Agency cooperates actively with international and regional organizations created by the Russian Federation and Commonwealth member states, develops and implements aid programs in CIS countries, in agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other institutions, and develops federal special-purpose programs.

Rossotrudnichestvo bases its activities on close cooperation with subjects of the Russian Federation, the relationship with many of them built on Collaboration Agreements and specific programs for the realization of collaborative events in various fields.

Today, Rossotrudnichestvo’s activities as well as its establishments abroad are geared towards the affirmation in foreign countries of an objective perception of modern Russia, its material and spiritual potential, and the nature and direction of the country internal and foreign policy. To this end, the Agency collaborates closely in scientific, cultural, information and humanitarian fields with Russian non-profit, non-governmental, and religious organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations from CIS countries, other foreign states, and with international and regional organizations.

A key aspect of Rossotrudnichestvo’s activities is international humanitarian cooperation.

The Agency has an actual active system for the support of the Russian language abroad. Promotion of Russian educational services, as well as the expansion of collaboration between Russian and foreign educational institutions is being actively pursued. A great deal of attention is paid to working with alumni of Russian (Soviet) higher education institutions. Thousands of people, especially young people, are currently studying the Russian language in Rossotrudnichestvo’s foreign establishments in many countries across the globe. In representative missions, examinations and tests are conducted, the successful completion of which results in the reception of certificates indicating the bearer’s competency level in the Russian language. In promoting the propagation of the Russian language, the Agency creates conditions for its active use, and also for receiving education in Russian. Rossotrudnichestvo’s missions enable foreign students’ admission to Russian higher educational institutions and maintain communication with their alumni, who number over 500 thousand across the globe.

A key strategic instrument for the Russian language policy’s realization is the “Russian Language” federal special-purpose program for 2011-2015, the clients of which were the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and Rossotrudnichestvo. Said program was enacted by Russian Federal Government ordinance No. 492 of June 20, 2011, its goal being to become a cornerstone of the effort to create a positive image of the country abroad, and a support for Russian culture and language.

Collaboration with Russian expatriates is an important aspect of the Agency’s activities. Organizations of expatriate Russians collaborate actively with Russian Centers of Science and Culture as well as Russian government institutions to implement programs of humanitarian nature. In conjunction with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other ministries, institutions, and administrations of Russian regions, Rossotrudnichestvo participates directly in the realization of plans for the Government Commission on Compatriots Living Abroad, and provides information for the State-assisted voluntary return program for compatriots.

One of the main directions of Rossotrudnichestvo activities is International Development Assistance (IDA).

Russian IDA is geared towards the maintaining of sustainable social-economic development of States, solving global and regional problems, contributing, this way, stability and security in the international relations system.

The provision of development assistance to neighboring countries meets Russia's national interests, helps to form good-neighborly relations with neighboring countries and to strengthen a strong position of the Russian Federation in the global community.

Rossotrudnichestvo implements its activities in the field of IDA, according to Presidential Decree No. 476 of May 8, 2013 «Issues of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation». In accordance with this Decree, one of the activities of Rossotrudnichestvo is International Development Assistance on a bilateral basis.

On April 20, 2014 Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 259 approved the Concept of the Russian Federation’s State Policy in the area of International Development Assistance.

Today, Rossotrudnichestvo carries out its activities in the implementation of this Concept.

The Agency considers its task in the strengthening of ties with compatriots living abroad, and collaborating with them in expanding cultural, scientific and business cooperation with Russia. An important mechanism for tackling this task are Russian centers abroad which traditionally serve as a liaison for Russians in foreign countries, and also for those who have never been in our country but wish to learn more about Russian history and culture, or whose goal is business collaboration or learning the Russian language. Every year, numerous events are held in Russian centers, always with the participation of compatriots: meetings with members of the Russian parliament and important figures in science and culture; lectures and seminars on changes and reforms in Russian socio-economic and legislative areas, foreign policy, and culture. Book and video libraries are open to compatriots, as well as common-interest clubs, and Russian language courses are available.

Russian Centers of Science and Culture host musical festivals, film screenings, art and photo exhibitions, performances by Russian groups and artists, schools, clubs, studios, and common-interest groups. Russian Centers of Science and Culture cooperate with compatriot organizations in arranging integrated events commemorating Russia Day (festivals such as “The Great Russian Word”, “Vivat Russia”, “Russian Song”, etc.) and Victory Day (the international campaign “St George Ribbon”). Events pertaining to Cross Years of international cooperation between Russia and other countries are conducted with the direct participation of the Agency.

Under these circumstances, the necessity of acquainting the public of other countries with Russia’s foreign policy plays an increasingly important role in the informational activities of Rossotrudnichestvo and its establishments abroad; this is achieved via multidimensional endeavors of the central body as well as Russian Centers of Science and Culture abroad.

Rossotrudnichestvo devotes a great deal of attention to working with the youth. In conjunction with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a concept has been developed for a long-term state program of awareness-raising trips to Russia for promising young representatives of the political, business, social, and scientific fields, and for foreign cultural personalities. According to the program concept, the Agency assumes with the functions of the head organization which coordinates operations geared towards implementing the program with the emphasis on CIS countries.

The creation of the required regulatory structure for tackling the task of preserving memorials of spiritual culture and interment of outstanding Russian nationals abroad is in the final stages. Rossotrudnichestvo, in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has completed the listing of cultural heritage sites, which number over 250.

Under these circumstances, a significant role is played by Rossotrudnichestvo’s close collaboration not only with state authorities, but also with international and Russian non-governmental organizations, and other civil society institutions, leveraging potential and initiatives in the public diplomacy sphere.

To this end, Rossotrudnichestvo caries out productive collaboration with such non-governmental organizations as the Russian Association for International Cooperation, whose members include over 70 public associations including friendship associations with other countries, the “Russian World” Foundation, the St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation, the “Russian Overseas” Library Foundation, the Russian Culture Foundation, the International Council of Russian Compatriots, the Union of Theatre Workers of the Russian Federation, the International Union of Museums, the “Twin Cities” International Association, the Moscow Union of Friendship Societies, the Saint-Petersburg International Cooperation Association and many others.

Among Rossotrudnichestvo’s information partners are ITAR-TASS, RIA “Novosti” (News), television channels “Russia Today” and TVC, the “MIR” (Peace) television company, radio station “The Voice of Russia”, and other leading Russian and international Russian-language mass media organizations and publications.


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