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"Добрый день Россия - что мы можем сделать для вас сегодня? "


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Валери Вишневская
VVS - Valerie Vishnevskaya Society for Russian Affairs

" для России, искусства и мира - Serving Russia - the Arts and Peace"

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You have reached Portal 1 - The PMOH Administration,Moscow Bureau - Headoffice,the Russian Bureau & Intl Division of the Obshestvo IRAS International Russian Cultural & Art Societies - Umbrella Org. - Moscow * Saint Petersburg


Российская Mеждунaродная Oрганизация Hаследия – Москва - Россия

ВЫ любите свою страну и свою культуру - ваше искусствоб - и все хорошее положительное в жизни ? Станьте посланником вашей страны - послом доброй воли - присоединтесь к местным РМОН РУСНАС - ИРАС команда ! - как ? Пишите нам и мы вышлем вам отвесты на все вопросы ...

RHIO-Russian Heritage International Organization – Moscow – Russian Federation

You love your country and your culture – your art and all the good positive in life ? Become an envoy for your country – an ambassador of good will – join your local RHIO (RMON) PMOH-PYCHAC RUSNAS / IRAS team ! – How ? write to us and we’ll send you all the answers ....

PMOH PYCHAC RUSNAS - REI - Russian Envoys International Volunteers

Liasions * Partnerships * Co-operation * Affiliates

Headoffice: Rossotrudnichestvo - Moscow
Russian Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, compatriots living abroad
and international humanitarian cooperation

18/9 Vozdvizhenka, 125009 Moscow - Russian Federation, Phone:+7 (495) 690-12-45

5 March - Pres Medvedev appointed first Deputy Chairman of the State Duma on International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev as the new Head of the Rossotrudnichestvo and as
Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for relations with CIS Member States.

The head of State announced the decision during a working meeting with Konstantin Adzvistav of Tskhinval district in the Moscow suburban residence in Horki.

A Council to promote Russian culture abroad
A new national promotion has been launched by the Russian Federation's Council of Culture abroad. The Council is headed by the Head of the FA Rossotrudnichestvo, Konstantin Kosachev.

"The Mission adopted for the Council abroad is an objective presentation of modern Russia. It should ensure and improve access to the traditions of the multinational Russian culture and its achievements, promote a positive image of Russia in the global community through a system of cultural values and benchmarks, said K. Kosachev.
The Head of Rossotrudnichestvo noted that the new body has been set up to ensure effective interaction with interested government bodies, creative associations, cultural institutions in planning, organizing and conducting cultural activities abroad.

K. Kosachev stressed that the objectives of the new organisation are a unique infrastructure of Russian Centers of Science and Culture, currently in 74 countries around the world, and by 2020, the centers will function in 100 countries.

update: 20 April 2012
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