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общество-ирас - OBSHESTVO IRAS - Mission Statement

Obshestvo IRAS - Mission Statement:

Obshestvo IRAS - Russia - Cis - Home Mission :

  • To foster - promote - expand - propagade - increase awarenesss of Russian Artistic and Cultural Activities

  • To bridge the gulf of apathy and revive the Imperial Russian Art Spirit of Art Salons
    Modern Living and Communication (TV and all electronic media) causes steady decline of larger audiences and visitors who prefer to watch at home rather than at the theatres, concert halls and art salons.

  • To reach-out through mobile campaigning and thus boosting morale and appreciation for Russian Art and Values throughout the Russian Motherland and CIS

    Obshestvo IRAS - International Russian Community abroad:

    "Russian Artists Emmigrants ! WELCOME HOME TO RUSSIA and CIS !
    " OBSHESTVO IRAS " is YOUR home abroad , joy and pride !
    We are YOUR FAMILY and a platform to SUCCESS !

    Russia will always be a part of our Being, where-ever we are!
    She will never forget her children,nor will we ever forget her !"

  • To facilitate the immigration process and uniquely enriching the local art scene, thus boosting the morale amongst many jobless immigrants, and spark new hope and motivation for a comeback and renewal of their artistic carriers .

  • To build a cultural bridge, overcoming isolation and apathy to vitalize and modernize the repertoires , customizing them to present-day needs and requirements, ensuring success and financial security for the artists

  • To assist in the art education of the young generation, and be mindful of the elderly and their special cultural needs

  • To enlarge the membership base and increase the current performances through extensive Media and PR efforts

  • To establish and intensify international relations with other art societies, with the aim of an artist exchange program, to perform overseas and to invite their artists to perform in Russia.

  • IRAS Moscow will facilitate artists exchanges and act as a close liaison office for Russian and International art and cultural organizations and financial bodies including the R-H-I-O (PMOH) Russian Heritage International Org. - Moscow, and other art and cultural oriented governmental and non-governmental institutions ..

    Long Term Goals :

  • To establish IRAS Liaison Offices abroad to co-ordinate Russian Art Activities ( IRAS Berlin - Oct 2008 )

  • To establish Imperial Russian Art Salons (IRAS) - VVS - Valerie Vishnevskaya Society - Moscow

  • To establish a Symphonie Orchestra , IRASSO project.

  • To establish a Brass Band : IRAS BRABA with high profile PR coverage, a high profile show performance with sharp music, marches, Cheer Leaders, performing both outdoors in the streets and market places , mainly at sport and special events, as well as indoors in concert and community halls.

  • GRAND IRAS SHOW TROUPE - usually performing together with IRAS BRABA
    A great combined spectacle of Show and Music - a sure formula for success and expansion.

  • IRAS CHOIR - classical and modern repertoire to strengthen the IRAS identiy and further the goals with each choir member acting as an IRAS ambassador overseas.

  • IRASSO , IRAS BRABA , GRAND IRAS SHOW TROUPE and the IRAS CHOIR will be mobile and able to perform anywhere in Russia and abroad, not bound to one location or region.

  • All goal realization and progression pace depends on the ability to muster proper financial support through friends, partners, sponsors and subsidies.

    Update : July 2008

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