RHIO (PMOH) - Russian Heritage International Org - Moscow - Berlin - Jerusalem

международное Российское общество литературы и искусства
общество-ирас - Obshestvo IRAS - International Russian Literature & Art Society - Russia,Ukraine,CI States and Abroad
International Russian Literature & Art Society

" для России, искусства и мира - Serving Russia, the Arts and Peace "


RHIO (PMOH)-The Russian Heritage International Organization was established in June 2004 in Moscow - Russia for the promotion of Russian Art and Culture, and serves as a parent organization for the various Art and Literature Divisions and Organizations, both in Russia - CIS and abroad.

Obshestvo IRAS was founded 15 December 2005 in Moscow - Russia and Tel Aviv - Israel by Gil Pahl and Russian Immigrant Artists as a Non-Profit Volunteer Organization ** as part of the RHIO (PMOH).

IRAS Membership : over 300 Artists in 2005 mostly Musicians ,Vocalists, Poets, Writers, Painters , Sculptors, Performing Artists.

Currently the IRAS data base includes over 1000 artists, further expansion is planned. (as of June 2008)

In June 2008 Obshestvo IRAS - the Israeli-Russian Art Society was reorganized.
Obshestvo IRAS was renamed "International Russian Literature & Art Society" to better reflect its Russian origins and activities both in Russia, the CI States and Abroad.
Obshestvo IRAS is our Umbrella Org. for Russian Artists and Art in Russia - CIS and Abroad - Promoting Russian Culture and Art performances and exhibitions in Russia - CIS and internationally (see also our mission statement)

Obshestvo IRAS Russia,Ukraine,CI States and Abroad has its headoffice in Moscow - Russia. Obshestvo IRAS-Israel is the Israeli-Russian Branch,reflecting the Israeli-Russian art activities in Israel.

Obshestvo IRAS maintains close relations and liaisons with other art societies and organizations and encourages partnerships and guest performances in Russia CIS and overseas,through local,regional and international liaison offices and teams.

The organizational structure includes an administrative, managerial board as well as an art events organizing PR team: the VVS - Valerie Vishnevskaya Society - Imperial-Russia 1888 - VVS Art Salons - Moscow and St Petersburg, and its Israeli counter-part : IRAP - Israeli-Russian Art Promotions - Tel Aviv

Our professional teams develop /strengthen our multi-media ties, keep direct contacts with large immigrant and potential local audiences both in Russia-CIS and abroad, engage in extensive PR work and launch effective campaigns for domestic and international performances, ensuring maxium artistical exposure and success.

We publish in four languages : Russian English - German - Hebrew.

Mode of Operation:

Obshestvo IRAS plans / coordinates performances with interested local / regional and international establishments and institutions

IRAS takes care of the PR work and advertising and seeks sponsorships to cover the costs of its activities .
Artists will be hired and paid solely by the organizers.

Sponsors will usually cover advertising production, communication and auditorium rental costs, thus paying directly to the vendors.

Designated IRAS Management Team :

Affiliations - Joint Ventures - Partnerships:

  • VVS - Valerie Vishnevskaya Society - Moscow - St. Petersburg - Russian Federation

  • IRCC - Israel-Russia & CIS Chamber of Commerce Tel Aviv-Moscow

  • RKC-RCC - Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv

  • ERA IZDAT - Moscow - Russian Federation

  • DETKI-74.RU - Chelyabinsk - Russian Federation

    IRAS Team members contact information - e-mail addresses

    Internet :

  • Obshestvo IRAS - MOSCOW

  • www.obshestvo-iras.org

  • http://iras-israel.tripod.com

  • russia.obshestvo-iras.org

  • http://irap-isr-ru-cis.tripod.com

  • e-mail :

  • info@obshestvo-iras.org

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