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"The Spiritual Unity of Our Church Already Exists—Structural Unity is a Matter of Time."I think that potentially, a merger can occur, for instance, of two parishes in a single city, as has already happened in Australia, in the city of Newcastle, New South Wales. The believers of the already-united St Nicholas Parish live together, and, I should note, live amicably. As far as the proposed unification of separate parishes in Germany, I believe that this decision is entirely in the hands of the ecclesiastical authorities. With time, of course, discussions can be held on this matter. At the same time, it is my opinion that there is no need to hurry in this direction. Such complicated matters must be decided upon peacefully, cautiously, and most of all, with love.

Archbishop Mark of Berlin and Great Britain Speaks With the Students of Sretensky Theological SeminaryArchbishop Mark of Berlin and Great Britain Speaks With the Students of Sretensky Theological SeminaryWhen I enrolled in university, I met some Russian emigre youth my first year, wishing to deepen and broaden my knowledge of Russian and get more practice. It happened that I would attend church with them: on Saturday evenings, Sunday mornings, on holidays… I went for many years, not having been Orthodox yet. So the impulse to accept Orthodoxy arose in me, but I was afraid of the reaction of my relatives, and so I put off that decision. But at age twenty I finally became Orthodox. Some twelve years later I was tonsured a monk.