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RHIO (PMOH)-Russian Heritage Intl Org. Moscow - Jerusalem Holy Land Center - Центр Святой Земли Иерусалим
Obshestvo IRAS -- RKC - RCC Tel Aviv - Liaison

Общество ИРАС - международное Российское общество литературы иискусства
"для России, искусства и мира - Serving Russia, the Arts and Peace"

Gil Pahl - Tel 052-6660803 - Irene Yavchunovsky - Tel 050-3011394
email: info@obshestvo-iras.org

Russian Center for International Scientific and Cultural Cooperation
to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Head of the RKC-RCC in Tel Aviv : His Excellency, Director Dr. Alexander Kryukov
Admin: Manager : Vera Yedidya - Ext.104 / Secretary : Julia - Ext. 101

web-address: www.israel.rusintercenter.ru

Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv  www.israel.mid.ru

"Mother Russia will always be a part of our Being, where-ever we are!
She will never forget us, nor will we ever forget her"
  RHIO/PMOH - June 2004

September 18, 2009,the Kremlin,Moscow-Russian Federation

President of Russia,Dmitry Medvedev sent a telegram of congratulations to the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia on the occasion of the Rosh Hashanah holiday.

The congratulatory message reads, in part:
“From ancient times this holiday has been a symbol of spiritual perfection and renewal and hope for the future. During these special days thousands of Russian Jews turn to their people’s great heritage – the ancient commandments of Judaism that preach the eternal values of peace and tolerance, mutual respect and love and care for one another. These values have great importance in our country, where people of different nationalities and faiths live in peace and harmony together.

Russia’s Jewish community continues the revival of the Jewish people’s rich spiritual traditions today and is an effective help to the state authorities’ efforts to fight xenophobia and religious intolerance. It is making an important contribution to strengthening interethnic and inter-faith harmony and preserving our country’s cultural diversity.”
And we will preserve you, Russian speech, The great Russian word.We will keep you free and pure,And pass you on to our grandchildren,Free from bondage forever! - Anna Akhmatova

Здравствуйте - Shalom - Welcome !

Welcome to the Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv
Obshestvo IRAS Liaison

To all our Friends Happy Sukkot Holiday Greetings

Поздравляем наших друзей с праздником Суккот

FREE Russian language courses for children aged 7 to 12 years from Russian-speaking families.
Admission to the group is limited and subject to the interview results.
RKC - RCC - Tel Aviv - Oct. 2009

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  • PMOH-Центр Святой Земли Иерусалим

    RHIO (PMOH) - Jerusalem Holy Land Center - Russian Presence in the Holy Land

    "PUSHKIN" - 27, Montefiore St. Tel Aviv - Tel:03-5251501 - Fax:03-5251504
    email:pushkin@pushkin.co.il - www.pushkin.co.il

    Café Pouchkine - 26/5 Tverskoď Boulevard - Moscou - Russie
    Tél. +7 495 229 55 90

    Pushkin House - London's Russian Cultural Centre
    5A Bloomsbury Square - London WC1A 2TA - United Kingdom
    T: +44 (0) 20 7269 9770 - F: +44 (0) 20 3116 0151


    РИАС - Москва - Санкт-Петербург - "для России, искусства и мира"
    RIAS - Russian-International Art Societies - Russkie Mezhdunarodnie Obshestva Iskusstva - Umbrella Art Org. - Moscow - St. Petersburg - Russian Federation



    С 7 по 21 октября в Тель-Авиве, в Российском культурном центре, проходила выставка фонда «Московское время», где были представлены парные фотографии 80-х годов XIX века и начала XXI века. Всего было экспонировано порядка 60 видов Москвы из Найденовских альбомов в сравнении с современными снимками, а также фотографии московских типажей.


    Important Contact Information: - Moscow Tourist Information Centre - Gostiny Dvor
    - Moscow - Russia - 103012 - Russian Federation
    Telephone: +7 (0)95 232 5657 - Email: info@moscow-city.ru -Website:www.moscow-city.ru

    Oбщество Валери Вишневская
    VVS - Valerie Vishnevskaya Society
    Imperial Russia 1868 - VVS Art Salons - Moscow - St. Petersburg

    Obshestvo IRAS - IHI - Travel - International Tourism - Moscow - Berlin - Jerusalem
    IHI - Israel Holiday International, is an offical IRAS Sponsor and TAL HOLIDAYS Partner.

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