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RKC - RCC Activities - September 2010

Congratulations, Chag Sameach to our friends to the holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Sukkoth and Simchat Torah!

Exhibitions. 2-28 September

"People" - solo exhibition of paintings by the artist Levan Stepanian (Tel Aviv).
"Painting in Israel today" - collective exhibition of works by masters of arts and crafts (lobby).
"Glorified the love ..." - exhibition of publications and materials to the 140 th anniversary of his birthday A. Kuprin (Beebe-ka).

Telegostinaya. 7, 15, 21 September, 16:00

Continued demonstration of the series "Sonya - Golden Pen" (Russia, 2007, 12 gray). Director: V. Merezhko. Cast: D. Nagiyev, B. Stupka, I. Alferov, O. Basilashvili etc. Lots 7-12.

September 6, 18:00.

Grand opening of the exhibition "Painting in Israel Today" and exhibitions of paintings "People" of the artist LS Stepanyan.

September 14, 12:00. "We remember" - meeting leadership and activists of the Union of the Leningrad blockade of Israel. Admission by invitation only. Film Club "Environment" on Tuesday. September 14, 18:00 September anniversaries: 85 years birthday Kirill Lavrov, 75 years Valentine GAFTA. The story of the creation and demonstration of the film "Tender Age" (Russia, 2000). Dir. Solovyov, the roles: K. Lavrov, V. Gaft, L. Saveliev, S. Garmash, A. Panin, etc. September 20, 18:00. "Talk to me ..." - literary and musical evening - a creative meeting with a popular Russian-Israeli poet Victor Ginom. September 27, 18:00. "The Muses fought for victory" - a concert of the Festival of creativity of the Union soldiers and guerrillas - the disabled and war veterans with the Nazis, dedicated to 65-year anniversary of Victory. Speech Choir branch of the Union, the Bnei Brak. Film Club "Environment" on Tuesday. September 28, 18:00 By the 90-th anniversary of the People's Artist of the actor and director Sergei Bondarchuk. A story about the life and work of the master, accompanied by kinofragmentov and demonstration of a biographical film "Sergei Bondarchuk. Russian language courses - a group for children and adults. Studio classical drawing and painting - for children and adults. Computer courses for adults. School playing six-string guitar for kids and adults. Theatre studio "Silhouette". (Scheduled) Methodical Cabinet of the Russian language. Library: subscribe, reading room, a stand of new revenue. Internet. Monday (11.00-15.30), Wednesday (14.00-18.30) and Friday (10.00-13.30). Changes are possible, please follow the announcements. We recommend visitors to the RCC to pre-record at the event. Recording begins on September 1.

PMOH-Obshestvo IRAS - RCC Tel Aviv Liaison Office - site under construction