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"для России, искусства и мира - Serving Russia, the Arts and Peace"

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Общество ИРАС
Representation of the Russian Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo in Israel
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His Excellency, Director Dr. Alexander Kryukov
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Welcome to the Obshestvo IRAS - RKC-RCC Tel Aviv Liaison Office

June 2011 - RCC Program

Congratulations to our friends on the occasion of

" Russia Day "!

3-28 June 2011
Exhibitions' Mein shtetele ... "-
Exhibition of sculptures and bas-reliefs of the Leon Segal (Netanya).
"Russian North" - a photo exhibition by Gennady Smirnov (Russia).

Historical and art exhibition dedicated to the Day of Russia (showcase). "We will not forget, do not forget ..." - an exhibition on the 70th anniversary of the beginning World War II (showcases).

Pushkin's days in the Russian Cultural Center "And the deity, and inspiration" - Literary and Art Exhibition (library).

June 6 - 16:00
"Save the Russian language in the family" - a series of creative meetings for children and adults. 11th meeting: "I have to visit the Pushkin hurry ...." Announcement of the results of drawing contest "My Pushkin", awarding prizes to the winners.

June 9 -18:00
Inauguration of Exhibition by the sculptor Leon Segal "Mein shtetele ..." Gennady Smirnov and photographer "Russian North".

June 13 - 18:00
Pushkin's days in Israel. The story of the creation and demonstration of film "Pushkin. The last duel "(Russia, 2006). Dir. - Natalya Bondarchuk. Cast: Sergey Bezrukov, A. Ilin, A. Snatkina, Sukhorukov, S. Nikonenko. Length: 106 min.

June 22 - 17:00
"June 22. The outbreak of war "- a memorial meeting of veterans in the Red Army Forest (Abu Ghosh), with the participation of members Military Club of historical reconstruction (Ashdod). On the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War. The story of creation demonstration and thin. the film "I will remember ..." (Russia, 2010), the script - Eugene Sokurov.
June 22 - 18:00
The real story of the fate of the Jews of the southern town occupied by the Nazis. Length: 90 min.

June 27 - 16:00
Graduation Ceremony younger group of students of Russian language courses at RCC.

June 28 - 17:00
Graduation Ceremony older group of students of Russian language courses at RCC.

June 30 - 19:00
Concert Festival "bard read." With: Freddie, poets Zorin Minin and Eugene, the bards, Yuri Garin (Russia) and David Altman.
Presenter: Irina Mauler, Marina Melamed.

Courses, studios, Circles Russian language courses - free group for children and students. Computer courses for adults. Studio drawing and painting (for kids and adults). School playing six-string guitar (for children and adults). Theatrical studio "Silhouette" (for adults). Weekly Educational and methodical study of Russian language library: loan, reading room, stand with new additions. Internet. Monday to. (11.00-15.30), Wednesday (14.00-18.30), Fri. (10.00-13.30). This program may change, please watch for announcements. Recommend that visitors to pre-record for the event. Recording starts the 1st of the new month.

RCC Tel Aviv Library

Library Hours:
Monday 11:00-18:00
Wednesday 14:00-20:00
Friday 10:00-14:00

RCC in Tel Aviv


PAMC - (RAMS) - Moscow Conference (May 2011)

RNA - Russian Association for Intl Coop. with over 70 Friendship Societies ,adds 16 Russian NGO's to its ranks.
A Russian Union of Friendship Societies (RSOD) to be established

The Russian Union of Friendship Societies will be the vanguard of the national public diplomacy

RCC Tel Aviv

The cycle of creative meetings for children and adults
"Save the Russian language in the family"
dedicated to the 212-th birthday of AS Pushkin

June 6 at 16:00 at th RCC Tel Aviv - 11th meeting: "I'm on a visit to Pushkin, hurry ..."

The program includes: - Summarizing and awarding the winners of Immigrant Children's Painting Competition "My Pushkin"
- Performance by students of the Russian language courses for children at RCC - excerpts from films on the works of A. Pushkin.

RCC Tel Aviv

June 9 -18:00
Inauguration of two Exhibitions by the sculptor
Leon Segal
-"Mein Shtetele ..."

and the photographer
Gennady Smirnov

"Russian North".

June 2011 РКЦ-RCC Activities

6 June 2011

"Saving the Russian Language in the Family " project
11th meeting - Results of the drawing contest "My Pushkin", awarding prizes to the winners.

PAMC (RAMS) Conference
Moscow , 24 May 2011

RNA - Russian Association for Intl Coop. with over 70 Friendship Societies ,adds 16 Russian NGO's .
A Russian Union of Friendship Societies (RSOD) to be established

9 June 2011

Pushkin highlighted at the RCC Tel Aviv Library - marking the 212th anniversary of the world famous Russian Poet in Israel

9 June 2011

Grand opening of new art exhibitions - "Mein Shtetele" - sculptures and bas-reliefs by Leon Segal (Netanya)
exposition of the Russian photographer Gennady Smirnov (Moscow), "Russian North".

10 June 2011

Russian Foundation for Culture and the Council for children's books, Russia, announce 3rd Intl Competition named after Sergei Mikhalkov, seeking the best work of fiction for teenagers.

15 June 2011

"Russia Day" Celebrations in Israel
Traditional Reception at the Tel Aviv Hilton attended by Israeli Government Ministers,MK's, Diplomatic Corps members, Clergy, Media, Veterans, Public Life Representatives & Russian Communitiy Rep.

17 June 2011

25th anniversay since the Chernobyl Catastrophy
Memorial Evening by the Chernobyl Society in Israel

18 June 2011

Sabantuy Festival celebrated in Israel near Kiriat Gat. ,
Artists:Ilyusa Khuzin , known singer Radha Tselobanova, Zakir Zaripov, Nelly and Teplitskaya Milyausha Gelfand.

23 June 2011

Pushkin in Israel celebrated in Ashkelon
XVIII Annual Pushkin Festival
Literary delights (A.Kanevsky), well-known musicians & singers, artists of the IPO (Zubin Mehta).

27-28 June 2011

Second academic year of free Russian language courses for children from families of compatriots from the former Soviet Union - FSU / CIS.
70 children aged 6 to 16 years succesfully completed the courses

30 June 2011

Literary-musical evening,a festival of art, song, bard and poetry,
Initiators are well-known Irina Mauler,and Marina Melamed.
Other participants: Freddie Zorin (Ashkelon), Evgeny Minin (Jerusalem), David Altman, bards and Yuri Garin (Moscow).

РКЦ-RCC Tel Aviv

PMOH-SUHIS - CCCP - USSR - РКЦ - RCC Liaison Office in Tel Aviv
PMOH- СУХИС - CCCP - Советское Историческое Общество Отдел ветеранов войны

Veterans of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 - Israel - Ветеранов войны - Израиль


1941-45 War Veterans - Israel - Ветеранов войны - Израиль

22 June 2011

70th anniversary of the fateful day 22 June 1941 the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War remembered throughout Israel by Compatriots from the former Soviet Union
Veterans and Members of the Ashkelon PKKA enactment society mark this occassion at the Red Army Forest near Jerusalem

Sad Day of Memory, Sorrow and Heroism

cultural and informational activities throughout Israel - special radio program presented by Freddy Ben Nathan (Radio Reka)
Military historical conferences opened in Haifa and some other cities in Israel. Special gathering in the Red Army Forest near Jerusalem.

22 June 2011

Military historical conference held in Haifa, "June 22, 1941 - 70 years later."
The guests were welcomed by Vice Mayor Julia Shtraym, Consul General of Russia in Haifa Igor Popov, Chairman of the Association of Graduates of Soviet and Russian higher education institutions (Arab sector) Khalil Andraus.

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СУХИС - CCCP - CИO - Советское Историческое Общество
The Sacred War - Священная война 1941-1945 - Ветеранов войны - Израиль

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