on scientific information meeting with a delegation
State Academy of Slavic Culture (Moscow)
International Roundtable
"The Holy Land in the Russian culture"
- Audio-visual presentation Gasquet,
- Performances of the leading scientists of the Academy of topics:
1. "Gospel theme in Russian art of the twentieth century" - Rector Prof. Gasquet. Konenkova AK

2. "The Holy Land in the heart of the Russian people" - prof. VS Glagolev
"The policy of Emperor Nicholas I for the Protection of the Holy Land" - prof. Evdokimov AY
"Russian architecture in the Holy Land: the contribution of Archimandrite
Antonin Kapustin "- student Mikhailov SI
- Performances by Israeli scientists.

The meeting will be held on February 28 at 11:00.
Admission free