October 2010

5-28 October
 Photo exhibition "Faces of Friends".
Exhibition of paintings by artists sent as a gift to the RCC.
The exhibition presents visitors RCC (windows in the lobby).
"Dreams of my love ..." - exhibition of materials
the 140-th birthday, IA Bunin (library).

  October 6, 18:00. "Muses of fighting for victory"
Concert Festival creativity members
Union soldiers and guerrillas - the disabled and veterans of the war with the Nazis, dedicated to the 65 th anniversary of Victory. The choir division of the Union, the Bnei Brak.
 October 11, 18:00. Cinema Club "Wednesday" on Monday.
 Year of France in Russia and Russia in France.
The story about the creation and demonstration / f "I - Ivan, you - Abram" (France, 1993). Cast: Vladimir Mashkov, Z. Gerdt, Rolan Bykov, A. Dzhigarhanyan, Kalyagin, A. Jankowski, D. Olbrychski, etc. Winner of international film festivals. Length - 105 min. Languages: Russian, Yiddish - in Russian. subtitles.
October 18, 16:00. "Save the Russian language in the family" -
cycle of interviews for children and parents.
Seventh Meeting: "The sun away."
Involved Russian-Israeli children's poet Vladimir Danko.

October 21, 19:00. Festival "bard read.
A concert featuring famous poets and bards of Israel W. Gin, H. Korzakovoy, L. Chebotareva, G. Becker, M. Basin. Presenters: I. Mauler and M. Melamed.

October 27, 18:00.
Cinema Club "Wednesday".
 By the 90 th anniversary of the People's Artist of USSR, actor and director Sergei Bondarchuk. Story about the life and work of the master, accompanied by kinofragmentov and demonstration biopic "Sergei Bondarchuk".


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