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August 2010 RKC-RCC Tel Aviv Program


August 2010 RKC-RCC Tel Aviv Program

Exhibitions Solo exhibitions artists:
Maya Buhina (Ashkelon), "From Kiev to Ashkelon,
Boris Reichlin (Ariel) "Baltic motives.

 The exhibition of literary and artistic materials
on Family Day celebration, love and allegiance (lobby).

2-30 August
"Songs of Russian nature" - exhibition
to the 150 th anniversary of the artist Isaak Levitan (Beebe-ka).


9, 16 and 23 August - 16:00
Tele-living demonstration of the series "Sonya - Golden Pen"
(Russia, 2007, 12 episodes). Director: Victor Merezhko.
Cast: Dmitry Nagiyev, Bogdan Stupka,

Irina Alferov, Oleg Basilashvili etc. Series 1-6.



4 August - 18:00 - Vernissage
Inauguration of Exhibition of artists Buhinoy M. and B. Reichlin.



12 August - 18:00
"Gala night on the family, love and loyalty ":
celebration of married couples, anniversaries and chamber concert with soloist Mary Kabelskoy Israeli Opera, soloist of the Novosibirsk Chamber Orchestra, Theodore Kabelskogo and teacher Novosibirsk Conservatory - pianist Alla Tsygankova.



18 August -18:00

Film Club "Environment". The story of the creation and demonstration of the film "propaganda teams" Kill the enemy! ". (Russia, 2007, melodrama.) - Winner XV International Festival of Russian Cinema in Honfleur (France). Director: V. Melnikov. Cast: Viktor Sukhorukov, Lyudmila Zaitseva, etc. Duration - 122 min.



25 August - 18:00
Film Club "Environment". Day of Russian Cinema: story of the creation and demonstration

action adventure "Maltese Cross" (Russia, 2007). Director: N. Glinsky. Cast:
A. Inshakov, J. Solomin, Oleg Taktarov, etc. Duration - 97 min.




30 August - 19:00
By 1005 the third anniversary of the Russian capital: The Day of Kazan in RCC.
The literary and musical evening, held in conjunction with the Association of Representatives of Turkic peoples in Israel.


Courses & Studios

Circles Russian language courses - a group for children and adults.

Courses "Computer - it's just" (a group for adults).

Studio classical drawing and painting.

Course - six-string guitar (for children and adults)

Theatre studio "Silhouette". Weekly

Russian Language Library:
subscription, reading room, Internet.

Monday (11.00-15.30), Wednesday (14.00-18.30)
Friday (10.00-13.30).


The plan may change, please watch for announcements.
We recommend visitors to the RCC to register for the events.
Registration starts on August 2.


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