February 2010
Congratulations to our friends on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland and the holiday of Purim!
Exhibitions "Warriors Jews in WWII" - photo exhibition.
"Frontal caricature" - exhibition of drawings
Abram Nayhovicha (Israel) and Arthur Sik (USA).

"Leningrad: 900 days heroism" - Exhibition of photographs.
 "And the day lasts longer than a century ..." - literary and artistic exhibition of 120-th anniversary
BL Pasternak (library). 2-25 February
Tele-room TV series "Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno" (2006, 12 series).

Cast: AP Derevianko, A. Rogovtseva and others (Series 7-12).
2, 9, 16 February, 16:00
65 years Russia composer Maxim Dunayevsky.

The story of the creation and demonstration of the film "The Park of the Soviet period" (2006, dir. Y. Guzman).
Composer - M. Dunayevsky.
Cast: Alexander Lazarev, Jr.., E. Boyar, MA Efremov, LI Fedoseev-Shukshina
etc. The duration of the film 124 min. February 3,
Wednesday, 18:00
Preserve the Russian language in the family "- a series of interviews for children and parents.
4-I interview: "Development of the Russian language in a bilingual".
With the participation of children's poet and translator Irina Yavchunovsky (Haifa).

February 8
Mon., 16:00
2 nd concert of the Festival "bard read. Participants include distillers Eli Bar-Yahalom and Anuar Budagov, as well as poets Victor Demidov, Irina Ruvinsky, Glory Winterman. Key: Irina Mauler and Marina Melamed. February 11,
Thursday, 19:00
Movie Club "Environment".
The story of the creation and demonstration of the film "House of number 6" (2009), nominated by Russia for the award "Oscar" Academy Award. Dir. - Karen Shakhnazarov.
Cast: Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, V. Ilyin, A. Zharkov, et al on February 17,
Wednesday, 18:00
"Muses of fighting for victory" - 1 st concert of the Festival of creativity members
Union soldiers and guerrillas - Disabled war against Nazism,
on the 65-th anniversary of Victory. February 24
Wednesday, 16:00
Courses studio
Mugs Russian language courses - a group for children and adults.
Studio classical drawing and painting for children and adults. "Computer - it's just" - courses for adults.
School games on six-string guitar for children and adults.
Theatrical studio "Silhouette". Weekly
Educational and methodical study of Russian language library: subscribe, reading room, a stand of new revenue.
Mon. (11:00-15:30), Wednesday (14:00-18:30), Friday (10:00-13:30).
Changes are possible, offer to monitor the ads.
Because of the limited number of seats in the halls of RCC recommend to the provisional entry to the event. Recording begins on February 1.