Feb 8 2010:

Preserve the Russian language in the family

In Rossiyskom cultural center in Tel Aviv continues to implement a cultural and educational project for the compatriots in Israel "to preserve the Russian language in the family." In February a regular, fourth, talk with parents and children on the problems of the Russian language in a bilingual situation.
At this time the guests and participants of the meeting became a children's poet and translator, winner of Russia's literary prize "Golden Pen of Russia" in 2009 Irina Yavchunovskaya (Haifa).
Leading the project, the head of the Cabinet of the Russian language RCC PhD T. Yatsuk talked about ways to preserve the Russian language in a bilingual situation, stressing that the most pressing problem is the confusion of tongues, which is present in the speech of adults and children.
Next, students were the Russian language courses for children with RCC, who read children's poetry in Hebrew, English and Russian translations I. Yavchunovskoy. Then children and adults under the guidance of the poet-translator of a fascinating journey into the world of fantasy and poetry, accompanied by music and vivid artistic illustrations Russian artists to its books.
At the conclusion of the evening were shown funny and edifying episodes from the popular film magazine "Yeralash.