Defenders of the Motherland is dedicated

In the 65-year anniversary of the Victory over Fascism Information and exhibition of work performed by the FA Rossotrudnichestvo in Israel focused on organizing and conducting a variety of memorial and artistic and documentary exhibitions on the heroism of Soviet soldiers, some of whom now - World War II veterans, now lives in Israel
By the Homeland Defender Day in Rossiyskom cultural center in Tel Aviv on Feb. 18 opened a comprehensive exhibition, prepared jointly with the Israeli military-historical museum Energy courage "(city of Hadera, Director - David Zel'venskii).
In the main exhibition hall of the Center on two floors houses the exhibition stands with documentary materials "on the line of fire. Soldiers-Jews in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945". This section provides a way to combat and feats of Soviet soldiers, officers and generals in the sky, the sea and on land, Heroes of the Soviet Union and the Knights of the Order of Glory, as well as military doctors, nurses and paramedics, saved the lives of wounded soldiers in the medical corps and field hospitals. Not neglected and war correspondents, photographers and cameramen, past the roads of war "with watering and pad" and create a chronicle of the Great Patriotic War. The exhibition also presents material on a significant contribution to the victory over German fascism talented military designers, engineers and workers who labored selflessly in the rear, creating the latest weapons for the front.
In the windows of the showroom as an exhibition dedicated to another significant date - 66 th anniversary of the full lifting of the siege of Leningrad.
The feat of heroic defenders and inhabitants of the city displayed in the collection of archival documents and photographs submitted by the Union of the Leningrad blockade (Chair - Sonia Bahrul), literary and artistic materials from the fund RCC and rarities of the war years of the museum's collection "The energy of courage."
The next section of multiple exposure is the best collection of posters created by well-known Soviet artists during the Great Patriotic War, including the famous poster IM Toidze "The Motherland calls!", Reproductions of which veterans were stored on his chest next to photographs of mothers, brides, wives and children.
Keen interest among the visitors is a section which presents two exhibitions of war cartoons and drawings: the famous American artist Arthur Sik and the Soviet soldier, correspondent and illustrator Front newspaper Abram Nayhovicha.
Employment Exhibition will last until the end of February.

 Press office of representation FA Rossotrudnichestvo in Israel