InaInauguration Obelisk Afghan war veterans in Ashdod

February 15 in Ashdod staff representation FA Rossotrudnichestvo in Israel participated in the opening ceremony of the obelisk soldiers who fell in the performance of international duty in Afghanistan in 1979-1989. The monument was erected in the memorial complex to the dead and missing during the 2-nd World War, destroyed in the ghettos and death camps.
The ceremony was opened by the ideas and the technical project manager S. Gendelman. He spoke about the difficulties faced by the initiative group, as well as those who helped free the creators of the obelisk.
Was then read a memorial prayer "Kaddish."
Then made the sculptor E. Dolkrat, who presented their work and explained that he wanted to reflect in his work.
The representative of the FA Rossotrudnichestvo Israel Kryukov, on behalf of the Embassy of Russia and leadership Rossotrudnichestvo congratulated all involved in the establishment of an obelisk with the end of the work and expressed his deep gratitude to the fellow countrymen - soldiers and officers of the Soviet Army and honorably fulfilled their military duty in the OKSVA.
At the conclusion of the ceremony of a military attaché of Russia Vladimir Kotogarov awarded medals of honor Russia's Afghan war veterans to Captain E. Talibova, G. Kuzenkova Guard captain and lieutenant colonel Alexander Boguslavsky.
The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Embassy of Russia, the Consul of Belarus in Israel K. Makarevich, leaders and members of public organizations, veterans Afghans living in Israel.

Press office of representation FA Rossotrudnichestvo in Israel