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Russian Cultural Center Tel Aviv - Israel

Head of the RKC-RCC in Tel Aviv : His Excellency, Director Dr. Alexander Kryukov
Admin: Manager : Vera Yedidya - Ext.104 / Secretary : Julia - Ext. 101

web-address: israel.rusintercenter.ru

---part 2---

at the Russian Cultural Center Tel Aviv

Meeting with the Director of the RCC in Petah Tikva

January 20 at the cultural center it. Abraham Shapiro in Petah Tikva was a meeting of the Israeli public with the famous Hebraist Russia, a translator of Hebrew literature, and in recent years - the director Rossiyskogo Cultural Center in Tel Aviv, Alexander Kryukov.
Guest described the current state of the study of Judaica in the largest scientific and educational centers in Russia, where he studied history, culture, languages and other academic disciplines that make up the complex science of the Jewish people.
Prof. Kryukov noted the great interest with which young Russians of different nationalities - students of a number of universities where the teaching and study of Judaica - address a variety of studies in all spheres of life of the Jewish people, in particular, the study of the State of Israel.
At the request of the audience, Kryukov spoke about his work on the Russian translation of books known Israeli authors, as well as written his monograph "Modern conversational Hebrew" and "Hebrew literature in the twentieth century."
Director Rossiyskogo Cultural Center reported on some results and prospects of the Center, the FA Rossotrudnichestvo plans to expand the network of cultural centers
in Russia in the world, as well as the revitalization of immigrants from the USSR - CIS, veterans and creative unions in Israel.
The meeting, organized by the Cultural Department of Community Petah Tikva, led the curator of this department, a permanent organizer of cultural events, a well-known pianist, Ella Pasik.

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