"Young KVN" in RCCs in Tel Aviv

19 January in Rossiyskom cultural center in Tel Aviv, held the first occupation of the circle "Young KVN" under the direction of Igor fighter.
A native of Donetsk Bortz II, himself a former actively playing in Russia and Ukrainian leagues leasers, now 11 years led the school KVN, branches of which operate in several cities in Israel. Classes in schools in developing creative abilities of children, help them open up more freely communicate with their peers, as well as instill a taste for the good, intelligent humor.
In the new year in the circle "Young KVN" in RCCs began to engage the children enrolled in school at the Embassy of Russia. Guys who know and understand the KVN - popularly favorite game in Russia, for generations of their parents sometimes become a way of life, with joy out of school and immediately prepared a few funny scenes.
We beginners Russian "cheerful and resourceful" has plans to attract to its ranks peers - young Israelis.