Evening children's poetry and songs in RCC

In the framework of cultural-educational project "to preserve the Russian language in the family, which is in Rossiyskom cultural center in Tel Aviv, 12 January, held its third meeting with the parents and children," In the world of children's poetry and songs. "
During the meeting, prepared and conducted by the head of the Methodological office of the Russian language RCC PhD
TA Yatsuk, was attended by parents and students of children's Russian language courses in RCC, as well as educators, specialists in Russian philology, children's poet S. Martyniuk (Tel Aviv) and the well-known singer A. Umansky (Rehovot).
Opening the meeting, leading emphasized that the poems and songs for children are a wonderful source of conservation and development of the Russian language in the family. Participants meeting were presented poetic collection of the best Russian poets of the Children's Fund of the Cabinet of the Russian language RCC. T. Yatsuk reminded adults and children know and love from childhood poetic lines A. Barto, K. Chukovsky, S. Marshak.
Then his new poems for children read the poet S. Martyniuk, who became a permanent member of the cycle interviews for parents.
Music of the meeting began with a presentation by young students of Russian language courses, which sang several popular children's songs.
Bright and memorable was the performance of the famous singer and musician Olga Umansky, who performed a guitar songs of our childhood, which created the composers and poets Tariverdiev M., V. Shainskij, E. Krylatov, R. Christmas, M. Plyatskovsky, E. Uspensky, S . Entin, etc. The concert was attended by both children and adults enthusiastically yes-men, singer and accompanied her presentation with applause.
Executives of the songs were presented with mementos from the RCC.
In conclusion, the meeting was a cartoon show "Winter in Buttermilk Village" of Russia's gold reserve multiplier.