Materials on the life and work of AP Chekhov - in Tel Aviv

Beginning in 2010 marked a new landmark date Russian and world literature - January 29, marks 150 years since the birth of Anton Chekhov. The anniversary of the great Russian writer and playwright in the library Rossiyskogo cultural center in Tel Aviv on Jan. 11 opened the literary and art exhibition.
Readers are offered the publication of works by Chekhov from the library - collections of short stories, novels and plays. The exhibition also presented a book on the life and work of Chekhov, written by B. Veresaeva Chukovski, K. Paustovski etc.; publication, telling about the places of interest in Chekhov's Russia, as well as memories of Russia, directors and actors of theater and cinema of the on stage and screen incarnation of Chekhov's works.
For philologists, specialists in Russian philology and Russian teachers compiled a selection of interesting methodological developments lessons on the material of AP Chekhov from the fund of the Cabinet of the Russian language in the RFP.
The multimedia section of the exhibition presented audiobooks and adaptations of Chekhov's prose and drama from the golden fund of Russia cinema. The decoration of the exhibition is a series of illustrations for the works of AP Chekhov, the famous masters of Russia's book illustrations.
In the framework of events devoted to Chekhov's birthday, January 20 Cinemaclub Center will see Russia's famous film "An Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano", staged by director N. Mikhalkov based on works by Chekhov.