December 2009
We congratulate our friends on the holiday of Hanukkah and Happy New 2010!
Exhibitions 1. Russian Winter ... in Israel "- a collective exhibition of paintings by Israeli artists of Russia's academic school.
2. "Most blue in the world ..." - exhibition of paintings by Victor Los (Simferopol - Ashkelon).
3. "Christmas Fantasy" - Exhibition of Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts and souvenirs - with a network of shops "Infolio" (Tel Aviv).
4. "Birth of the Hermitage" - literary and artistic
exposure to 245-anniversary of the collection (Library of RCC). 1-30 December
Tele-room sequel "The Rock. Song lifelong ... "(scenario A. Yining, music by M. Dunaevsky, series 7-12).
In Chap. Cast: M. Basharov, M. Alexandrova, B. Benyuk. 15, 22, 24 December
Inauguration of "Cinema» V Festival "Russian film - 2009". Participants include Russia's ambassador PV Stegniy and the People's Artist of Russia
Pankratov-Cherny. Demonstration d / f "word" about the fate and creativity
AI Solzhenitsyn (dir. S. Miroshnichenko. Running time: 52 min.). December 1
"Cinema" festival "Russian film - 2009": new documentary, animation and feature films. Meetings with the filmmakers. Closing of the Festival - 13 December.
In the evening participate dir. I. Mayboroda. 2, 3, 7-10, Dec. 13., 18:00,
 4, Dec. 11. - 11:30
Inauguration of Art Exhibition
Russian Winter ... in Israel "and" most blue in the world ... ". December 3, Thursday, 17:00
Preserve the Russian language in the family "- a series of interviews with parents.
2 nd meeting: "How to enrich the vocabulary of the child". December 7, Mon., 16:00
"Do not let poets in Paris ..." - concert Marietta Manoukian (Paris). Execution of Russian bards songs and French chanson.
The program also tracks A. Vertinsky, W. Valley, IA, Montana, etc.
Together with the Union of Armenians of Israel's "Ararat". December 30, 18:00
Courses studio
Circles Russian language courses - a group for children and adults.
Courses for beginners' computer - it is just.
Studio classical drawing and painting.
School games on six-string guitar.
Theatrical studio "Silhouette". Weekly
Educational and methodical study of Russian language library: subscribe, reading room, a stand of new revenue. Monday (11:00-15:30), Wednesday (14:00-18:30), Friday (10:00-13:30)

The program may change, please watch for announcements.
Because of the limited number of seats in the halls of RCC recommend visitors
perform preliminary record of the event.
Recording sessions at Cinema launched on 25 November.