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"Do not let poets in Paris ..."

The succession of events in the pre-New year Rossiyskom cultural center in Tel Aviv on Dec. 30 went on a solo concert performer gifted Marietta Manoukian called "Do not let poets in Paris ...", prepared and conducted jointly with the Union of Armenians of Israel, "Miller said.
Introducing the guest, the Deputy Chairman of the Union Edward Edlis-Martirosyan told about the difficult but interesting and creative way the fate of the singer and musician. For more than thirty years, M. Manukyan, lives in Paris, gives concerts and teaches at the conservatory.
At the party sounded Russian works of bards and French chanson, song A. Vertinsky, W. Valley, J. Montana. M. Manukyan also performed in Russian and Hebrew, a few songs by Israeli authors. Female singer, accompanied by fragments of videos about Paris, Armenia and Israel.
This concert was an extension of the creative cooperation between the RCC and the Union of Armenians of Israel's "Ararat". The plans of both parties to further development of mutually beneficial cultural contacts.