Russian language - without borders

November 25 in the I International Internet-Conference "Russian language @ Literature @ Culture: topical issues in learning and teaching in Russia and abroad", held its second meeting of the virtual "round table" of Russian teachers from several countries. This time the topic of discussion was the establishment of textbooks, using new technologies and experience in applying methods of teaching Russian abroad.
In the computer class Rossiyskogo Cultural Center in Tel Aviv, which was installed audio and video from the philological faculty of Moscow State University.
MV University, organizer of the project, brought together well-known Israeli teacher-specialists in Russian philology, and authors of educational systems in the Russian language, published in this country: PhD MG Stavska (Ashkelon), Professor Tel Aviv University Ph.D. ML Niznik, a representative of the House of Books "Isradon" TV Kadashi (Herzliya), editor of the publishing house "property" IJ Ruvinskaya (Jerusalem), a middle school teacher EV Kolchinskaya (Petah Tikva), br. Cabinet of the Russian language RCC PhD TA Yatsuk.
Director RCC prof. AA Kryukov, addressed the participants of the virtual "round table" with the greeting, stressing the relevance of topics discussed and the effectiveness of discussion in the virtual space. In subsequent statements of the RCC members video bridge characterized the situation with the situation of the Russian language in Israel, spoke about the new textbooks issued here, the activities of RCCs to preserve and disseminate the Russian language in Israel, the shared experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language in Israeli schools and universities. Questions were also asked for Russian compatriots and teachers of modern academic literature on the Russian language.
 The round table "with Russia party was attended by the deputy. Dean of the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University Ph.D. LA Dunaeva, curator of the draft Federal Program "Russian language" AA Zhidikin, editor of the Internet portal "Russian for all!" And organizer of the round table TB Small; gene. director of publishing house "The Russian language. Courses "(Moscow), PhD SY Remizov, gen. director of publishing house "Chrysostom" (St. Petersburg), PhD SN Golubev et al
In a video conference was also attended by teachers of Russian from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Rossiyskogo Center for Science and Culture in Belgium, etc.