Anniversary of the oldest Russian-language magazine in Israel

November 19 Rossiyskom cultural center in Tel Aviv was an evening of the editorial board and authors of the oldest of the Israeli Russian-language literary-journalistic magazine "22", devoted to the 30-th anniversary of the first issue of the journal.
Opening the evening, director of the RCC, Alexander Kryukov, presented the founders of the magazine and its lead author, noted the important role and an important place magazine "22" in the ideological and cultural life of Russian-speaking intelligentsia in Israel, Russia and several Western countries, inhabited by immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The popularity of the magazine is not reduced even in the medium of the second generation of its readers.
A well-known professor of physics, in the past - a human rights activist with the international name of Alexander Voronel, which is already more than a dozen years, is editor in chief, described the history of publishing, briefed the audience with his new article, and creative plans. His wife Nina Voronel - a gifted writer, playwright and translator, one of the most famous Israeli writers who write in Russian, spoke about his latest creative works. The audience watched with interest the excerpts from the documentary about the family Voronel, as well as fragments of feature films shot on scenarios Nina Voronel.
Constant-known Israeli authors of the journal Gutina Nelly's publicist and poet Anatoly Dobrovich read excerpts from their works.
Editorial Board Mikhail Yudson and Denis Sobolev told about the problems faced by the editors, and also expressed gratitude to the "Russian world" for supporting the publication.
 Writer, musician and artist Ilya Kutuzov sang several songs of his own composition.