Contest "Russian Song - 2010" in the RCC in Tel Aviv

On November 17 Rossiyskom cultural center in Tel Aviv was organized by the union of Russian zemlyachestva Israélite Universelle, the Embassy of Russia and the RCC selection concert contest "Russian Song - 2010" at the International Festival of Russian compatriots.
At the opening night were director of the RCC Kryukov, chairman Worth M. Reif and director of concert programs Worth A. Gelfand, who wished the participants success of the concert and expressed hope for the successful conduct of the competition.
The concert was held on the first floor foyer of the RCC. On the second floor, where artists with support groups expected their statements and rooting for his comrades, there was an atmosphere of serious, responsible, but at the same time friendly and open creative contest.
Before the authority of the jury, which consisted of the Director RCC Kryukov, cultural attache of the Embassy of Russia A. Fyodorov, chairman of Worth M. Reif, editor in chief of Radio First Radio P. Margulyan and famous Moscow singer parodistka MI Gvozdev, had a difficult task to select the best of the 19 contestants.
Among the contestants were a lot of laureates and winners of various Israeli and international music festivals - Nati Gale, Julia Gorbunova, Kachurina Karina, Maksim Levinsky, Valeria Novak, Michael Riskin, as well as professional performers - Irina Mauler, Plotkin Alain Tselobanova Radha, Edgar, Helen.
After each presentation room participants were rewarded with stormy applause, cries of "Bravo!".
Final concert of the Israeli part of the qualifying competition will be held November 25 in the town of Rishon Lezion.