Meeting with veterans in Arad

November 12 in the expansion of partnerships director Rossiyskogo Cultural Center Alexander Kryukov and RCC member Denis Parkhomchuk visited branch of the Union soldiers and guerrillas - Disabled war with the Nazis in Arad. Over 30% of the population are immigrants from the Soviet Union - CIS, this active branch of the Union of disabled veterans under the leadership of Gregory Refasa.
Opening the meeting with activists of the department, which was attended by leaders of the local Ukrainian and Belarusian town associations, as well as Arkady Mednik chairman aradskogo branch of the Union Veterans of the Second World War, G. Refas welcomed the RCC staff, introduced the members of the city branch of the Union, and expressed willingness to undertake joint activities.
Kryukov, thanked the veterans for the invitation to visit Arad and highlighted the main objectives and activities Rossiyskogo cultural center in Tel Aviv. Kryukov handed G. Refasu recently published in Russia three-volume works of the Great Patriotic War, and several samples of Russia's best children's books about the war years. The meeting was also attended by the candidate for mayor of Arad Tali Poloskova and Head of the Department removal municipality Marina Glaser.
After an excursion to the local memorials heroic warriors of the winners and the memory of the fallen. The author projects the two tracks architect Edward Melikov told about the memorial complex, the difficulties encountered by veterans in the process of raising funds for construction, as well as the support provided by the Union of the Municipality of Arad and some non-governmental organizations.
His delegation was invited to a cultural center in Arad to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War.