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"70 years of creativity" - exhibition of Alexander Bogen

"70 years of creativity" - exhibition of Alexander Bogen
at the Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv.

The great Israeli artist Alexander Bogen was honored at the Russian Cultural Center with a large retrospective exhibition, opening ceremony of which took place on October 8 for 70 years of creativeness.

Opening the exhibition, Director of the RCC, AA Kryukov, welcomed the patriarch of Israeli art, and also present in the hall were the ambassadors of Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, diplomats, leaders of the creative unions, all the numerous admirers of A. Bogen's creativity.

He was born in Tartu (Estonia) in 1916 at the Academy of Arts at Vilna, studied painting and sculpture,and began actively writing in the late 30's.

During the Nazi occupation A. Bogen was confined in the Vilnius ghetto, but escaped and became a partisan. In the ghetto and partisan groups Belarus, he made a lot of sketches.
After the war, he graduated with honors from the Academy of Arts and taught at the Graduate School of Arts (Lodz). After the outbreak of the Polish anti-Semitic campaign of the late 40's - early 50-ies Bogen moved to Israel, where he continued to work as a painter, sculptor and professor of artistry.
A talented artist, A. Bogen is the author of dozens and dozens of highly recognized paintings, had won wide recognition in numerous exhibitions in New York, London, Berlin and other capitals of the world.

He paints in oils and paints with a pencil, and in watercolor. The artist's works are exhibited in many museums and art galleries in Europe, America and Israel. For contribution to world art and art A. Bogen was awarded with high awards in Poland, France and Israel.
The Exhibition A. Bogen "Retrospective, 1939-2009" in the RCC will continue until the end of October.