New Computer course "computer - it's just right for you " opened in the Russian Cultural Center – Tel Aviv.

At the beginning of the academic year in Israel, the Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv, along with the already existing other programs within its walls, i.e. the Studio of Painting and Drawing, Russian language courses and six-string guitar courses added a new facet with the opening of computer courses.
At the opening of the course, Director of the RCC, AA Kryukov said that the cycle of lessons on the basics of working on a personal computer designed at the request of visitors and the RCC, is focused on middle-aged and older people. The project was named "Computer - it's just right for you " and will be held at a convenient time for visitors.
For new courses in the Center a spacious bright room, equipped with modern computers "Toshiba" mounted with the latest russified programs and editors, as well as an interactive multi-functional board was allocated.

The syllabus was prepared by the RCC staff, Dmitry Berzonom, a specialist in the computer field, who became the first teacher of new courses. Basic course is designed for five weeks, with two-hour weekly sessions.