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Concert in memory of Nahum Gutman at the Russian Cultural Center

October 28 :
The Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv hosted a literary and artistic evening dedicated to the life and work of an outstanding Israeli artist Nahum Gutman (1898-1980).

The evening was dedicated to the exit of the light in Russian colorful album about the life and work of H. Gutmann and equipped with dozens of colorful reproductions of paintings and drawings of the master.

Welcoming the participants and guests of the evening, Director of the RCC, AA Kryukov noted the special place and the impact of creativity N. Gutman on the formation and development of the new Hebrew culture in the Jewish community of Palestine and Israel.
The works of the artist telling the famous Israeli writer, literary critic and art historian, Ehud Ben-Ezer, who knew the artist personally, and carried out the literary writing memoirs Gutmann "Between the sands and the blue of heaven." Because of the popularity, the book was translated from Hebrew into Russian and is known to readers not only in Israel but
also in Russia. Ben-Ezer also wrote the lyrics to the album Gutmann, issued originally in Hebrew.
Translate text into Russian album Efraim Bauch, a famous Israeli writer and literary critic, chairman of Federation of Unions of Writers of Israel spoke about the artistic and aesthetic creativity
and Gutmann's impact on the entire process of the formation of a new Hebrew culture in the twentieth century. This theme was also continued by Rina Jacques,Director of Tel Aviv publishing Mercury, which prepared and published a Russian version of the album.

The evening also featured two short films about the Israeli N. Gutmane shot in the 70 years of the last century, and the original children's books he illustrated much to the guests delight.

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