Obshestvo IRAS - Russian Cultural Center Tel Aviv Liaison

Celebration 2-nd anniversary
Russia's cultural center in Tel Aviv

14 October Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv at the confluence of numerous guests of the celebratory evening to mark the second anniversary of the RCC.
At the entrance to the building of the Center guests' attention attracted a large screen on which a non-stop slide film was shown, reflecting the activities of the Center. A special holiday atmosphere created the popular melodies and songs of Russia's Variety 70-90-ies.
Opening celebration and welcoming the guests in the evening, Director of the RCC, AA Kryukov told about the formation and development of various activities of the Center for the past two years of steady close collaboration with artists and veterans' associations, organizations of immigrants from the Soviet Union - CIS, print and electronic media in Israel.
Honorary guests of the evening were the Ambassador of Russia, PV Stegniy and Minister-Counselor of the Embassy of Russia AL Yurkov, Russia's diplomats, as well as the delegation of visitors from Moscow headed by director of the Moscow House of Compatriots YI Kaplun, which also included representatives of the Fund Russkiy Mir"Russian World" and members of the leadership of the International Council of Russian countrymen.
Among the participants in the evening, arriving to congratulate the staff of the center of the second anniversary, was chairman of Russian-Israeli association "Zemlyachestva" M. Reif, well known distinguished Russian Author , children's literature A. Alexin, executive secretary of the Union of Russian writers of Israel L. Finkel, the head of the Union of Professional Artists of Israel E. Vulfin, Director Jerusalem Russian libraries K. Elbert, president of the Union soldiers and partisans - Disabled war with the Nazis R. Cladonia Rangiferina, representatives of the Union Veterans of the Second World War-fighters against Nazism, the chairman of the Union of the Leningrad blockade S. Bahrul, head of the Union of Chernobyl liquidators A. Kalantirsky, Chairman of the Association of Graduates of Soviet and Russian universities, Dr. H. Andraus and leaders of other Russian-speaking community organizations.
 The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Israeli establishment, numerous employees of Russian electronic and print media, famous writers, artists and performers, for two years now fruitfully cooperating with the RCC.
In the course of the evening a concert of classical music was given, performed by the winners of international competitions Harry Naimark (piano), Svetlana Yarovitsky (violin) and singer, soloist of the Israeli Opera Galina Malinsky, warmly greeted the audience.
The celebration on the activities of the biennium Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv, was held in a cordial and friendly atmosphere and lasted until late evening.




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