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12 June 2010

Поздравляем наших друзей с Днём России!

Congratulations to our friends on Russia Day !

Russia Day - День России, Den Rossii is the national holiday of the Russian Federation, celebrated on June 12. It has been celebrated every year since 1992.

Liaison to Russian International Organizations

Oбщество ИРАС - международное Российское общество литературы и искусства за границей

Rossotrudnichestvo - Moscow

Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, compatriots living abroad and on international humanitarian cooperation
18/9 Vozdvizhenka, 125009 Moscow - Russian Federation, Phone:+7 (495) 690-12-45

MSRS (ICRC) - International Council for Russian Compatriots - Moscow
Novy Arbat 15, 2219 - Moscow, Russian Federation , 119019
Phone / Fax: +7 (495) 695-30-21, 695-31-70 - Phone: +7 (495) 690-51-00 - email:


добро пожаловать


Winners of 8th Int'l Russian Rotary Children
Music Competition - Moscow 2010

Congrats to the famous Russian Painter - Nathalie Bazhenova
Natalie Bazhenova was born in Moscow in 1954. She graduated from the art - graphic faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical University. She is a member of Soyuz of the Artists of Russia and International Art Fund.
Since 1977 she is the participant of more than 250 exhibitions in Russia and abroad, thirty of them - personal.
Nathalie Bazhenova is also a winner of the All-Russia competition of painting "Gold paintbrush", "Alternative-94". The winner of many festivals and art shows. Her art works are in galleries, museums and private collections in Russia and in 30 countries.

32nd Intl Moscow Film Festival - Moscow 2010

5th Intl Russian Song Festival 02-2010, Moscow

Charming Natalie Drobot - Our personal Moscow Guide

We warmly welcome the wonderful Moscow Balalaika Quartet and other new artists

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"Moscow Time Foundation"

Another Dmitry Zimin Project   

Ladies and Gentlemen, We have the great honour and pleasure to welcome an extraordinary man : Mr. Dmitry Zimin - Founder of the Dynasty Foundation and the "Moscow Time Foundation" - whom we recently met .Please visit their website and read the extraordinary account of this special man, who, rich and powerful, remains a great and caring human being - a fascinating story that must be read and honored !

In 2009 Russia marks 200 years since the birth of Russian classic Nikolai Gogol. Russian publishers, theater figures and filmmakers are getting ready for the jubilee.
Gogol Museum Moscow -By Kerry Kubilius,
Gogol Museum Commemorates Contentious Author:
Nikolai Gogol, a Ukrainian-born writer who wrote in Russian, is claimed by both Ukraine and Russia as a their own. Whatever country Gogol would have ultimately associated himself with, we do know that he spent time in Moscow, most notably his last months, during which he destroyed one of his manuscripts. The rooms in which Gogol passed his final hours have been turned into a museum.

Refurbishment of the Gogol Museum: The Gogol Museum, or the Gogol House (Dom Gogolya), underwent refurbishment in honor of the 200th anniversary of Gogol's birthday on April 1, 2009. Visitors to the museum can see the fireplace in which Gogol threw his manuscript for Dead Souls, a clock which shows the hour Gogol destroyed the manuscript (3 o'clock in the morning), and the parlor in which Gogol entertained his contemporaries.

Gogol Museum Contact Information:
7 Nikitsky Boulevard - Moscow - Website:

Nikolai Gogol museum opens in Moscow
MOSCOW, March 27 (RIA Novosti) - A museum devoted to Nikolai Gogol opened in Moscow on Friday in the building where the writer spent the last four years of his life. The museum includes a mock fireplace in the parlor, where the writer burnt the second volume of his satirical novel Dead Souls hours before his death.

The clock on the mantle shows 3 a.m., the time when the novel is believed to have been destroyed. The published first volume of Dead Souls spotlighted the unseemly sides of the 19th-century Russia, while the second volume reputedly showed the good side of life.

In the parlor, frequented by many literary dignitaries during Gogol's lifetime, the writer also read his play The Inspector General, a violent satire of Russian provincial bureaucracy, to actors from the Maly Theater.

The decor was restored by museum creators based on the reminiscences of the writer's contemporaries, as few of Gogol's belongings have survived.

Exhibits in the six-room exposition feature a recently discovered original portrait of Gogol, as well as hand-written copies and printed editions of his writings.

The museum was unveiled ahead of the 200th anniversary, on April 1, of the Ukrainian-born Russian writer's birthday.

Gogol's other well-known works include satirical short stories Nose (1835-1836), which tells of an official whose nose leaves his face and lives its own life, and Overcoat (1842), a story of the life and death of an impoverished clerk extremely dedicated to his job.


In days
7th GA - June 29-30, 2011 - St.Petersburg - Russia

The 6th General Assembly was held on July 9-10, 2010 in Moscow . Important resolutions were reached concerning its present and future scope of activities,both domestically and internationally.

Moscow, 11 July 2010


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