66-66 th anniversary of the full lifting of the siege of Leningrad is awarded in Ashdod

On January 27 the day of 66-th anniversary of the complete lifting of the siege of Leningrad delegation Rossiyskogo cultural center in Tel Aviv in Israel, visited the only memorial to the victims of 900-day siege of the city on the Neva. The monument was erected in 2004 in Ashdod in the area that local residents are called - "The area of the blockade.
Opening the memorial rally, director of RCC Kryukov, on behalf of the FA Rossotrudnichestvo welcomed the participants and expressed his deep gratitude and admiration for the fallen feats winners, kept in harsh conditions Leningrad blockade.
Vice-Mayor of Ashdod B. Giterman in his speech thanked the representative Rossotrudnichestvo and RCC for the attention and warm attitude towards the Leningrad blockade of Ashdod.
Chairman of the Leningrad zemljachestva Ashdod E. Protasenya spoke about the situation of blockade in the city of Leningrad zemljachestva and staff welcomed the RCC in such a memorable day. L. blockade Libin read Kaddish for all who fell in those terrible days.
At a rally attended by Adviser on Relations with the Russian-language media in Ashdod and I. Steinberg, one of two survivors in Israel, members of the Leningrad militia Ya Vilkovich fighting in the besieged city, and the blockade and their children.
Delegation RCCs laid at the memorial to victims of 900-day siege of Leningrad wreath, a specially trained staff of the Center